1223 - Box

Chapter 1223 - Box

A series of loud wails could be heard from the torture pillar at the top of the stone stairs.

After Sheng Lingzhi's dark bloodline had been extracted from him, he was completely useless. Naturally, the process of extracting his blood was a fate worse than death, but this was not yet the end. His sin caused the entire Unmoving City of Darkness to rise in anger and thus, they had subjected him to torture by slicing his body into thousands of pieces, so Shen Lingzhi constantly let out painful howls from the torture pillar.

Guo Yuan, He Yan, and Ran Guangyao knelt on the stone steps, not even daring to raise their heads.

They were the other three supreme commanders apart from Yang Feng, who represented the Royal City setting up camp along the one hundred fifty kilometer long great wall.

Ye Qingyu stood in the Nine Heavens and issued an edict, so the three supreme commanders who had been observing the situation did not dare resist the order and came to the Unmoving City of Darkness at the first instance. Then, they knelt outside the Divine Palace of Darkness and waited to be summoned by the new Emperor for questioning.

They used to be the lofty supreme commanders of the border, but now they were trembling...

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