1222 - The great army bow its head

Chapter 1222, The great army bow its head

This torture can be said to be the harshest and most chilling in the history of the Unmoving City of Darkness. It can be seen that the usually gentle and lenient Song Xiaojun was really furious this time. 

Shen Lingzhi immediately understood that, if he were to fall into the hands of this woman, he most likely would end up in a state worse than death. He also completely rejected the plan to beg Song Xiaojun for mercy.

At this time, at a moment of life and death, he instead was slowly calming down.  

“The one with the last name Song, you are just a lowly seed from the Vast Thousand Domains. Your origin is unknown, and your blood is not pure. You stole the imperial throne and the power of my Unmoving City of Darkness, and harbour evil intentions, but also refused the elder's marriage and secretly crowned an unknown lowly person. What I have done was just to ensure that the bloodline of my Unmoving City of Darkness is not tarnished. What crime did I commit? You...” Shen Lingzhi tried to explain and defend himself. 

He said this, of course, not really to blame Song Xiaojun or to convince the soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness who have already completely plunged into rage.

It was to provide an excuse and reason for Yang Feng and...

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