1220 - Return

Chapter 1220, Return 

Ye Qingyu never would have thought that something like that would happen.  

Today he was forced into a desperate situation by the Sky Emperor, and the one who saved him was the Celestial Phoenix Maiden. The peerless heaven's prideling maiden, who had vanished after her farewell at Ren Puyang's office, had expressed her feelings in such a way. In truth, Ye Qingyu was not heartless, how would he not know about the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's feelings, but his situation wasn't too good, life and death were unpredictable for him, and Song Xiaojun had already occupied his heart. Thus, he had pretended to be clueless several times. 

He just didn’t think that the seemingly icy-cold Celestial Phoenix Maiden was so resolute and fiery inside, like an underground volcano. Usually one cannot feel the heat, but when it erupts, the heat of the raging flame was enough to drown the whole world. 

 “No matter what, I must save you.” 

Ye Qingyu secretly made a promise.  

“Brother Qingyu, let's get out of here first.” Song Xiaojun held onto Ye Qingyu with a concerned look, hoping to hurry back to help Ye Qingyu recover and restore his strength. 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 



The Unmoving City of Darkness. 

It had been three days since the battle of the Invaders...

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