1219 - The Phoenix of Fire

Chapter 1219, The Phoenix of Fire

 “No, I won't let you die,” Song Xiaojun cried anxiously. 

She also pinched her fingers together to form the highest supreme seal technique of the Unmoving City of Darkness [Soul Absorber and Death Chaser]. Song Xiaojun's cultivation level wasn't high enough before, thus even if she had studied this seal method many times she was still unable to fully display it out. But this time, the yuan qi within her body was operated as smoothly as flowing water. Under the effect of the seal technique, the white mist scattering in the void was gathered together by a mysterious force, and eventually condensed into tangible substance, an eggshell-like object. From all sides, eventually all the remnants and aura of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden floating in the void were gathered together. 

The white mist eventually turned into a giant white egg about a meter in diameter. 

In the egg was the last breath and traces of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden.  

“With my blood, absorb the soul and return, why don't you go back?” 

Song Xiaojun recited the song of the seal technique, before a drop of blood from her fingertip fell...

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