1218 - If there is an afterlife

Chapter 1218, If there is an afterlife 

As the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s hands went deep into the swirling smoke, her palms were blazing. 

It was the fire of Phoenix Nirvana. 

It was a flame that seemed to contain magical power, burning in the green smoke. Like reigniting ashes that had not completely extinguished, the green smoke that was about to fade unexpectedly erupted with new sparks.  

“How would I not know about the relationship between the Phoenix Race and the Unmoving City of Darkness? I am the present Empress of the Phoenix Race.” The Celestial Phoenix Maiden's tears were glistening like pearls. She looked at the distant battlefield full of reluctance, like the expression that Song Xiaojun had before she lost consciousness——Perhaps her unwillingness to part was even greater than that of Song Xiaojun.

Her hands were burning, her fair, and beautiful palms, like fuel, were engulfed by the raging flames. 

The qi and blood in her body were flowing out from the burning flame, injected into the swirling smoke, and then the Phoenix blood gradually integrated with the green smoke, transforming into a black light with splashes of red. The sparks that were sputtering out were suggestive that some strange changes were happening.  

“The Phoenix Race is originally a branch of the royal bloodline of the...

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