1217 - Can I also call you Brother Qingyu?

Chapter 1217, Can I also call you Brother Qingyu? 

In approximately less than the time to have a cup of tea, the blood in Song Xiaojun's body had been drained away completely. Fortunately, she was at the peak of the ninth step Quasi-emperor realm. Thus, even if the blood had disintegrated to light, her life would not be in any danger for a period of time. However, the power of darkness had already begun to disperse. 

The pale-faced girl still wore a smile on her face, without the slightest hint of regret. 

She was standing in the glow of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], like a little white flower trembling in the wind, weak and helpless, but with pride and stubbornness. 

“Now, you can plant the [True Nirvana Flame].” Song Xiaojun nervously looked at the Celestial Phoenix Maiden with a fear that the latter would take back her words. “I have listened to everything you said, I only ask you to not kill me now.” 


The Celestial Phoenix Maiden nodded. 

She lifted her hand, sending a scorching True Fire penetrating into Song Xiaojun's body, flowing along all the channels, eight veins and each blood vessel in her body. It was only when she checked again in the most cautious manner to confirm that Song...

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