1216 - Blood disintegrate

Chapter 1216, Blood disintegrate

“Are you begging me?” The Celestial Phoenix Maiden sneered. 

Song Xiaojun couldn’t move her body, but still seriously nodded, saying, “Yes, I beg you, don't kill me now.” 

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden went silent for a moment, before she opened her mouth again, “Do you know that, Ye Qingyu never bows to the enemy, even more would never beg the enemy for mercy to live. He had fought his entire life and had been in danger countless times, but had never begged for mercy. You are his lover, why are you like this.” 

In that tone of voice, there was indisputable hatred.   

“You love him too, don't you?” Song Xiaojun suddenly spoke, changing the topic abruptly.  

At this moment, she could clearly feel that the fire palm around her neck was suddenly tightening again, and that the scorching flame seemed to be swallowing her head, but she did not struggle as before, as though she had already accepted her fate. 

“But he's in love with you.”  There was a loneliness in the voice of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden. 

“Then it seems my guess is correct.” The corners of Song Xiaojun's mouth curved in a...

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