1215 - So-called friends

Chapter 1215, So-called friends

Ye Qingyu's short life could be called a legend. His martial arts path, to outsiders, seems smooth, the growth of his cultivation base was very fast, and he was said to be favoured by the heavens. It was unknown how many people were envious of him, but in truth, only the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold. Only he knows how much wind and rain he had experienced along the way, how many times he had been on the tip of the knife, and how many times he had been swimming at the edge of life and death. It was only after experiencing countless life and death situations that he was able to achieve what he has today. 

And the strange and remarkable things he had seen along the way, there were too many to be counted. 

The appearance of the Sky Emperor was identical to Blue Sky of the White Deer Academy. The only difference was their age. Ye Qingyu was almost certain that, if Blue Sky was at middle age, he would look like the Sky Emperor. This similarity was just like how the mysterious woman in the Underground Moonlight Immortal Palace of Clear River Domain who vanished was...

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