1214 - Suspected blue sky

Chapter 1214, Suspected blue sky 

Light flashed. 

The ghost-faced grey-copper ball suddenly reappeared ten meters away. 

“Your strength surprises me.” The ghost face flashed, its expression becoming sinister. There were two faint piercing cold light like they were from the world of death. 

“Your despicable, but I am not at all surprised.” Ye Qingyu shook the [Blood Drinker Sword] in his hand, and the Martial Emperor blood that filled the sky, like swallows returning to their nest, were drawn into the [Blood Drinker Sword]. The body of Sovereign Dark Feather instantly turned into a puff of ashes, dissipating between the heaven and earth. The blood and body of an Emperor contained boundless essence and energy, and after transformation by the [Blood Drinker Sword], there was an endless stream pouring into Ye Qingyu's body to help him recover. 

“Interesting... it can actually swallow and absorb other people's yuan essence,” the ghost face marveled.

Its eyes were quiet, paying attention to everything. It did not stop Ye Qingyu from absorbing the yuan essence of Sovereign Dark Feather. Evidently, in his view, even Ye Qingyu in his peak state was no match...

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