1213 - Sky Emperor

Chapter 1213, Sky Emperor 

In a hurry, Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and spat out the [Geng Metal Pill] again, but the strength contained was much less than before. As it struck the ghost-faced grey-copper ball, it erupted out a violent chaotic annihilation power that knocked the grey-copper ball away. But Ye Qingyu in this moment was also impacted by the annihilation force. The flesh on his head seemed to be burning, and was become beyond recognizable... 

“Brother Qingyu...” Song Xiaojun screamed. 

Dark flames visible to the naked eye gushed out of her eyes, nose, mouth and ears, as she frantically pounded the light barrier of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], trying to rush out, but was still separated by the light barrier.

On the other side, there were sparks leaping in the eyes of the True Phoenix, but she also failed to struggle out from the force of the seal. 

“Don't worry,” Ye Qingyu's voice sounded.

He opened his mouth to swallow the [Geng Metal Pill]. The skin, flesh and blood slowly grew back on his face again. This kind of injury, for him, was not fatal, but what really affected him was the hole in his chest. At the edge of the hole were granulation tissues forming, but...

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