1212 - Suppression

Chapter 1212, Suppression 

Ye Qingyu did not show any weakness as he swung his sword in a slashing attack again. 

Sovereign Dark Feather had already lost two heads; strength greatly declined and he was seriously wounded. How can he be a threat to Ye Qingyu? 

The battle began again. 

Sovereign Skyreach also made another move. 

But the two great Martial Emperors were both very careful this time. While exchanging moves, they paid close attention to any action of Ye Qingyu, and did not forget to leave room to fight back and dodge.

This also allowed Ye Qingyu to completely occupy the upper hand of this unbelievable Emperor battle. 

But in truth, the fear of Sovereign Skyreach and Sovereign Dark Feather was somewhat unnecessary. 

Because the [Geng Metal Pill] that killed Sovereign Dark Yellow indeed required a long preparation time. It was impossible to activate it again after such a short period of time. The technique that unbelievably wounded the two great Martial Emperors were of course fiendgod battle skills of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart], called the [War of the Green Demon]. 

This cultivation technique was left by a demon called the Green Demon. What Ye Qingyu used was the killing move [Stone Statue of the Green Demon] of the four battle moves of the [War...

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