1210 - Clear and bright

Chapter 1210, Clear and bright 

The shape and appearance of the Hou was similar to a winged tiger. In fact, it was an old tiger that had grown wings, and the black-winged nine-headed Dapeng was a bird. Therefore they were called a chicken and a dog by Ye Qingyu. This was an undisguised ridicule, also a kind of contempt.

But having learnt a lesson from Sovereign Dark Yellow's situation, Sovereign Skyreach and Sovereign Dark Feather carefully suppressed their emotions and controlled themselves to not be aggravated. 

Moreover, they had already given up being cautious and careful about their reputation as a Martial Emperor, and had joined forces to strike back. 

“[Storm of Swords]!” 

Ye Qingyu's first move was already the strongest battle sword technique of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General]. Like the blade technique of the [Eight Ways of a Night Battle], all of a sudden the entire starry battlefield was filled with the sword will of the [Life Sword Mantra], while countless giant swords formed a true [Storm of Swords] that swept across. 

“Break, break, break... Break!” The black-winged nine-headed Dapeng opened his mouth wide. All nine heads were emitting the power of sound waves. The nine consecutive words ‘break’ sent the void shaking...

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