1208 - The Fall of a Martial Emperor

Chapter 1208 - The Fall of a Martial Emperor

"Girl, be careful!" Ye Qingyu turned behind and shouted loudly.

"I'll be fine," Song Xiaojun's eyes blazed with dark flames and she forced herself to stay out of this battle.

She had also activated the power of her blood, but since she had yet to become an Emperor, she could be crushed like vermin by these Martial Emperors. If she joined the battle, she might even become a burden to him.

She was extremely worried for him.

As though the ancient fiery Phoenix had been stunned into silence by the power of the battle between Martial Emperors, she had surprisingly stopped trying to struggle against her restraints and quietly remained still under the protection of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The rocky planets were blasted into smithereens.

The sword light flashed and the silver divine dragon let out a long howl that sounded like the hiss of a sword.

The burly Martial Emperor's attack was instantly destroyed.

"We've only just begun," he yelled loudly and grabbed at the void.

The shattered pieces of the rocky planets immediately swarmed toward his palm to form an incredibly huge rocky planet. This planet was even bigger than the burly Martial Emperor himself and he raised this huge planet with both hands as though...

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