1201 - Entering the Battlefield

Chapter 1201 - Entering the Battlefield

The dragon galloped as fast as light and covered a distance of ten thousand kilometers in an instant.

Ye Qingyu silently exerted the power of laws and this made the Black Heavenly Dragon look like it was tunneling through space. It moved so quickly that it covered a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers with a single move.

Lingyun had taken three to five days to make the journey from the Great Wall of the Western Regions but this time, it merely took him less than two hours to return to the Western Regions.

"He's so fast!" Lingyun exclaimed in shock.

He, along with many other martial artists, had heard legends of Martial Emperors and their unbelievable divine abilities but he had never seen a true Martial Emperor, nor could he fathom the power of Martial Emperors. Therefore, he was shocked by what he had seen during this journey.

"We'll reach the thirty million-kilometer-long Great Wall in another million kilometers; there is danger further ahead. I was attacked by the Invaders and several waves of mysterious experts here; this was also where I had been critically injured," Lingyun said and looked around warily.

Ye Qingyu nodded but remained silent.

Sure enough, there were hidden ripples in the void up ahead that carefully attempted to mask their killing intent. These hidden ripples approached them discreetly like ghosts in the shadows and they were extremely skilled in the art of hiding and escaping.

The mysterious attackers had appeared.

"Reveal yourselves," Ye Qingyu said as he stretched out his hand. Then, the void twisted and three figures were summoned toward him from the space barrier. They were like fish, scooped out from the water and they immediately found that they couldn't even struggle out of his grip.

"Who... are you?" their leader exclaimed in horror, unable to believe that he had been captured so easily from a distance of several thousand meters by this strange man despite his skills and his discretion. He was so shocked and flustered that his disguise slipped and used the official language of the Guardians camp.

"Who are you? Are you noblemen of Royal City?" Ye Qingyu asked as he stared straight at them. 

At the same time, mist produced by Emperor qi circulated in the surroundings and carved out the void, so the Black Heavenly Dragon continued to charge ahead rapidly, without losing pace.

"Humph, it's just Lingyun... Haha, I didn't expect you to actually return with reinforcements. Haha, you've only brought one man and no matter how heaven-defying his abilities are, do you really think that he'd be able to turn the tide around? Hahaha," another man said with a cold laugh. He looked at them haughtily as he continued, "I am a nobleman of the camp and I'm acting on my orders to kill the rebellious Sinner Lingyun but who are you? Since you're traveling with Lingyun, are you a Sinner as well? Aren't you aware that our four supreme commanders have already forbidden the other Sinner armies from lending aid to the Unmoving City of Darkness? Release my comrades and me right now."

He immediately revealed his identity and his tone was admonishing.

The other two figures did not seem too flustered even after they had been caught, and also looked at Ye Qingyu with disdain.

Ye Qingyu frowned.

They were indeed the noblemen of the Guardians' camp.

He knew that he'd be wasting time if he tried to interrogate them, so he remained silent. He mentally scanned through the memories of these three figures and found out everything they knew. His face gradually filled with rage and killing intent swirled around him, then these three noblemen transformed into bloody mist with three loud pops and disappeared from the world.

Lingyun was secretly stunned.

He had already heard whispers of how Ye Qingyu would kill without uttering a single word. Nonetheless, when he saw these noblemen from Royal City being slaughtered like chickens, he felt that this was at odds with his perception of this world. The Sinners were always told that the noblemen had control over everything and that their authority could not be challenged.

Soon, there was a patch of dark clouds in the skies up ahead.

Black shadows covered the sky and these shadows surged out from the void like swarms of bees. They let out piercing shrieks that sounded like the howls of millions of vengeful spirits and immediately turned this part of the world into a living hell. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

"These are the Invaders," Lingyun cried and exclaimed. Then he added, "What's going on? How did the Invaders manage to come this far? Does this mean that the Unmoving City of Darkness has fallen? Impossible."

Lingyun suddenly looked extremely anxious.

Ye Qingyu rose to his feet and as he opened his eyes, two rays of purple divine splendor shot out from them like blazing flames. These two purple rays instantly swept across heaven and earth and those black shadows that swarmed out of the void immediately burned like dry twigs. Most of the Invaders were burned alive in a few seconds and vanished without a trace.

There were only three survivors and these three had been summoned to Ye Qingyu with his divine abilities. Then, he exerted his power of laws and shrunk them to the size of his fist and they appeared in his palm, shrieking and struggling.

"So these are the Invaders," he said with some surprise as he bowed his head to examine the creatures in his hand.

The Invaders that he captured were all black skeletons.

He saw a human skeleton, a dragon beast skeleton, and an avian skeleton. All three skeletons were of varying shapes, but they were all completely black and seemed to be carved from black jade. Their eyes shone with bright red flames that seemed like blazing balls of fire that emitted a violent and murderous aura.

He was surprised because these skeletons looked very similar to the skeletons that had crawled out from the tombstones at the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, just after the heavens and earth had undergone a huge change.

In particular, the human skeleton's shape and aura were an exact match with the skeletons that he had encountered, but was merely much smaller because he had used his power of laws to shrink it.

The Invaders, the Chaotic Region, the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss...

These three had to be related in some way, he thought.

Then, he exerted his Emperor qi and these three skeletons also transformed into ashes that scattered in the sky.

He increased his speed and at his mental command, the barrier of the void split apart in front of him and a huge crack could vaguely be seen.

This was a crack in space.

He used his incredible divine abilities to tear the void apart and broke the limits of the lands to cross a distance of several million kilometers.

There was a fierce battle being fought on the other end of the crack. Blood flowed like the river, bones were littered everywhere, countless people yelled as they killed their way through the battlefield, bodies kept plummeting down from the skies, a blood river circulated in the firmament that gushed down like a blood-colored waterfall...

"This is the battlefield of the Unmoving City..." Lingyun muttered. Tears sprang to his eyes and he immediately recognized this place. "They are still fighting... they are still hanging on. My god, the battlefield looks so horrific; I have to join them," he yelled and immediately rushed toward the crack in space.

Ye Qingyu tunneled through the crack in space after Lingyun but arrived at the center of the battlefield before him.

"Where is your military counselor?" he asked and his voice echoed all around heaven and earth; his Emperor qi circulated all around.

All living creatures who were engaged in a fierce battle were immediately struck with an inexplicable terror and their souls quivered in shock. Then, they all couldn't help but turn to look in Ye Qingyu's direction.

"He's one of us..." The battalion commander of the Unmoving City's military headquarters was covered in blood and had lost an arm, but he kept on fighting on the battlefield. He was stunned when he first saw Ye Qingyu but when he sensed his aura, he immediately yelled in excitement and stirred up his troops.

The surviving soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness also cheered in excitement.

The aura and the appearance of this expert who had appeared out of nowhere was nothing like an Invader. Instead, he was someone from the Dark Realm, so he was definitely here to help them. Moreover, they could tell that he was a terrifying top-level expert.


A long screech that sounded extremely ferocious ripped through the air as a bone dragon skeleton that was several thousand meters tall cast a large shadow over the void and charged toward Ye Qingyu. It opened its large mouth and looked as though it was about to swallow him whole.

This was a black bone dragon Invader that was as strong as a Quasi-emperor. He flew around the battlefield and his attacks were extremely cunning and cruel. He had already swallowed countless soldiers who were Sinners from the Unmoving City of Darkness and now he made a silent attack, and its target was none other than Ye Qingyu.

"Watch out!" the one-armed battalion commander cried out a warning and his face turned pale.

By the time Ye Qingyu turned around, this black bone dragon skeleton's mouth was already right in front of him. His figure looked like it had already been swallowed by this skeleton from afar and countless soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness watched on in horror and shock. However, the next moment, they heard him cry out, "Get lost!"

Sound waves exploded from his mouth and Dao sounds surged to form an incredibly destructive force.

The black bone dragon's skull instantly shattered and turned into dust as though it was made of flour. Then, its body that was almost a thousand meters tall seemed to break apart as though it was a paper dragon that had been swept into a tempest. It was reduced to nothing but dust in less than three breaths, vanishing in the void.

The battlefield immediately fell silent.

Everyone who witnessed the sight couldn't help but gape in astonishment.

That was a cunning and cruel bone dragon Invader who had been as strong as a Quasi-emperor and no one had managed to restrain it earlier. He had been invincible within a certain part of the battlefield and yet, he was now killed by someone else's roar when he had made the first move, as though it were a bubble that had been popped.

This was a miracle!

Countless pairs of eyes stared at Ye Qingyu.

Who exactly was this man?

However, Ye Qingyu didn't really notice their stares since it had only taken a single thought to kill that bone dragon Invader. He scanned his surroundings and spotted Wang Jianru.

The battle was very fierce in the void ahead and hundreds of Invaders of varying shapes were ferociously attacking a black flagship. There was a figure on the flagship who wore a bloodstained mask, displaying amazing sword techniques as she continued to kill the Invaders. She might be wearing a mask, but he could tell from her aura that she was definitely Wang Jianru.

"Kill!" Ye Qingyu reached this part of the battlefield in one step.

"Teacher, I've arrived," Ye Qingyu said and the soundwaves echoed outward once again.

This was a fiendgod soundwave battle technique recorded in the bronze book of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. He was speaking to Wang Jianru but as the sound waves, Emperor qi, and power of laws surged, three or four Invaders that were the closest to him were immediately reduced to dust and scattered in the void.

Wang Jiangru looked up; a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on her gorgeous face under the mask.

She was extremely well-read and intelligent, so the moment Ye Qingyu appeared and made his move, she immediately realized that this poor kid who had once been her student had reached the pinnacle of this era's martial way... Had he managed to create yet another unbelievable miracle that seemed to be the stuff of legends in such a short time?

Wang Jianru might be deeply clever, prepared, and her martial heart was already impervious to the desires of man, but when she saw Ye Qingyu, she was still incredibly astounded. Her heart was filled with indescribable happiness and she immediately relaxed.

This kid really managed to rush over in time'

Not only had he arrived, he now also possessed a power that could turn the situation around.

The outcome had already been decided.

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