1196 - Divine Empress

Chapter 1196 Divine Empress

While Lingyun secretly reminded himself to be wary, Ye Qingyu was still feeling joyful.

What a curious coincidence.

He was getting ready to head for the Unmoving City of Darkness, but they had sent an emissary to him before he left. Come to think of it, according to what Wang Jianru told me, Song Xiaojun must have already become Empress of the Unmoving City. There has been unrest there lately—has she managed to suppress the elders that are a little unconvinced about her ability?

A wave of thoughts swept through Ye Qingyu's mind.

He waved his hand. Mo Weinan understood his intention and turned to leave. Ye Qingyu then channeled his Majestic Power formation with a thought, enveloping the entire great hall under a Majestic Power barrier to isolate them from possible prying eyes. Even though all surveillance enchantments had been automatically removed from the residence of the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] after Ye Qingyu became Martial Emperor, and the absence of anyone daring enough to spy on him, he still took the necessary precautions.

His actions made Lingyun even more defensive and alert.

"Give up, I'll never betray my Empress. The sooner you give up the idea, the better for you," Lingyun steadied himself and said directly. He immediately channeled the remnant inner yuan within his body, intending...

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