1195 - Lingyun

Chapter 1195 Lingyun 

"The new Emperor is only interested in ancient texts and doesn't involve himself in matters of the military. He wouldn't care about such trivial matters," replied another commander from a foreign race nonchalantly. He did not sound as if he held much respect for the new Emperor.

"Since its inception, it has been the iron rule in Royal City that an emergent new Emperor will naturally control all power within the city. The entry of an emissary from the Sinners into Royal City is a major incident that should be reported to him, no matter whether he is interested in it or not. You people have no respect for our sovereign at all. Are you planning to rebel?" Nie Tiankong chided them angrily.

"Haha, since the new Emperor has no intention of controlling military matters, why should we trouble him? You don't have to go through so much trouble, Commander Nie Tiankong. What's wrong about executing this Sinner? He committed a crime punishable by death by entering Royal City without reporting and seeking for prior approval," said the burly, rotund commander that had spoken up first in a nonchalant manner.

"He rode thousands of kilometers and was wounded on the way here. Obviously, something huge has happened, and this is a special case. What crime did he commit? I want to question the soldiers guarding the west gate if they will hold themselves responsible if they delayed the passage of strategic military information by...

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