1192 - Invincible (2)

Chapter 1192 - Invincible (2)

"His crimes do not warrant death, so why don't you spare him?" the voice who had spoken continued.

The voice belonged to a Martial Emperor and this Martial Emperor sounded like he had also depressed his own cultivation and did not completely ascend to his true Emperor cultivation. He was also a sovereign within Royal City and his voice carried wisps of Emperor qi activity. This sovereign was clearly on the side of the sovereign of the Sky Fox.

Ye Qingyu scoffed coldly and said, "Are you going to stop me?"

He was now a Martial Emperor himself and carried the mandate of heaven at the prime of his youth, so he was already standing at the pinnacle of the martial way. Thus, he spoke forcefully and did not show any sign of weakness. The Martial Emperor who had spoken did not speak up when the sovereign of the Sky Fox had attempted to kill Ye Qingyu, so the fact that he only spoke up now showed that he was on the sovereign of the Sky Fox's side. He was so biased that Ye Qingyu was filled with anger.

"Young man, you shouldn't act rashly. Don't kill others over such minor issues," the voice said once more.

Ye Qingyu scoffed and said, "There's a deep enmity between us since he tried to take my life, so I can't spare him. If you wish to protect him, why don't you ascend to your true Martial...

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