1191 - Invincible (1)

Chapter 1191 - Invincible (1)

It was ages since the Dark Realm had last seen a battle between two Emperors.

Martial Emperors bore the heavenly mandate and were a manifestation of heavenly will. During the ancient times when the universe was full of spiritual qi, it was the primordial era when several primitive species that were even more powerful than Martial Emperors existed. There were also legends of battles between Martial Emperors during this period. However, very few Martial Emperors existed currently. They might have perished and vanished into history, or they might have gone into hiding as they reached the end of their lifespans.

Thus, when Ye Qingyu pointed his sword at the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan, this meant that an earth-shaking Emperor battle was about to begin after countless years.

"I'll show an insolent young man like yourself what true Emperor qi looks like," the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan said with a chuckle. Then, nine-colored splendor appeared behind him and as his [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] slowly floated behind. It seemed to turn into a divine disc and it was a lot more powerful than it had been when King Zhenyuan had wielded it.

The nine-colored divine splendor rumbled with Dao sounds and it was now imbued with a spiritual energy that had not existed before. So much so that every color of this divine splendor seemed to contain the profound mysteries of the universe and an energy chain of Emperor qi circulated within them.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The red, orange, and yellow rays of divine splendor shot out in unison toward Ye Qingyu.

"Those words should be coming from me. I'll let you know what true Emperor qi looks like," Ye Qingyu said as he shook his head and looked at the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan with pity in his eyes. The [Formless Armor of Shifting Clouds] transformed into a long-sleeved white robe, and as its sleeves swayed in the wind, the wind generated by it seemed to reach into the heavens.

The three-colored rays of divine splendor immediately vanished as though they were thin snowflakes that had come into contact with boiling water.

"Nine Opposites, attack together as one. [Translocation of the Universe].... destruction. Kill!" the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan said gravely as he exerted his Emperor weapon with all his might. Then, the sky reverberated with Dao sounds and was filled with Heavenly Dao as all nine rays of divine splendor from the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] charged out as one and swept across the heavens and earth. The nine rays of divine splendor contained a mysterious and transcendent force that could change the will of heaven. And a force that seemed like it could change the appearance of the entire world burst forth from it.

This was the true power of the ninth attack from the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites].

It was a powerful force that seemed extremely wrong and was still terribly frightening.

Ye Qingyu shook his head once more. "You know that you've made a mistake but you still refuse to turn from your ways. No wonder you managed to tread on this fake Emperor path for so many years but still failed to gain any enlightenment to truly step onto the Emperor realm... [Translocation of the Universe]? This is only a childish trick meant to deceive others. Get lost," he said as he waved his sword.

Countless silver formation chains flickered within the [Blood Drinker Sword] and surged forth before they transformed into a ray of silver light that splashed out into the world.

There was no earth-shattering rumble of Dao sounds, nor was there a mighty collision force. Ripples merely spread out across the void as though a wind had breezed through a puddle of water. Then the ninth attack of the Samsara Disc that claimed to translocate the universe completely vanished.

After the wind dissipated and the clouds scattered, the morning sun slowly rose over the horizon.

The sunlight bathed the world in a warm, golden glow.

It was hard to connect this scene to the horrific images of the world breaking apart.

Only the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan knew how terrifying that attack had been. He had attacked with all his might but his opponent had turned his attack into nothingness with a gentle move. There were two possible reasons for this. The first was that his opponent's techniques and laws of Dao happened to restrain his own; while the second reason was that his opponent's cultivation had completely overshadowed his own. Even a fool could tell that their techniques did not clash with each other, so this only left the second possibility.

The sovereign of the Sky Fox clan could not accept this outcome.

"One should give as well as one gets... [Sword of Judgement]!"

As Ye Qingyu countered with a sword attack, he was completely bathed in silver divine radiance as the silver laws of Dao surged around him. After he slashed out with his sword, a gigantic sword will and splendor ripped through the skies, as though this was a sword sent out by a divine god. This sword seemed like it had the ability to slash the world in two while the firmament split in two as easily as butter being cut by a hot knife.

In the past, he would have needed to conserve a lot of energy in order to unleash this move from the bronze book of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart], but now, he could effortlessly send out this attack at will.


Ye Qingyu was a little taken aback after he slashed out with his sword.

When he was a Quasi-emperor, he felt that he could already transform all the techniques in the world into an ordinary attack and defense mechanism and that he could integrate millions of mysteries into a single punch or palm attack. So there was no longer any need to use any combat techniques because a single punch or sword move from him would be more powerful than any combat technique.

However, a sudden epiphany popped into his mind after he sent out that sword move.

"Oh no!" The sovereign of the Sky Fox clan instinctively realized that something was terribly wrong.

Ordinary men would not be able to discern the power of that sword, but he had been able to. And at that moment, he clearly sensed a power that seemed almost godlike and knew that this energy could destroy Martial Emperors.

"[Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites]... [Defense of Nine Opposites]!" he yelled loudly as he exerted the jade disc. Then, countless formation chains burst forth from the disc. These chains frantically intertwined and expanded to form a multi-layered shield that shone with nine rays of bagua nine opposites radiance. This multi-layered shield moved in front of him to protect him.



The nine-layered shield was immediately slashed in two with a ripping sound that sounded like a cloth being ripped apart.

The sword attack did not lose any momentum at all. And as it slashed down on the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites], the jade disc broke in two with a ripping sound without any resistance, as though it was a sharp knife cutting through mud.

"Ah..." the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan shrieked in horror. He did not have any time to dodge before the sword radiance landed on him.

The next moment, this Martial Emperor's body was instantly cleaved in two.


There was an explosion of bloody mist and the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan's figure flashed before reappearing one hundred meters away. However, he looked extremely pale as though all the blood qi in his body had been sapped dry.

He seemed noticeably fatigued, so the sword attack from Ye Qingyu earlier had obviously destroyed a significant amount of his blood, qi, and yuan essence. Although he had managed to reconstruct his body, he had sustained serious injuries.

"You couldn't even handle one blow," Ye Qingyu said scornfully.

He was still luxuriating in the power of his sword attack earlier. After he became an Emperor and exerted the combat techniques recorded in the bronze book of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart], he was surprised to find that its prowess had increased significantly. Under the influence of his Emperor qi, these combat techniques immediately became extraordinary and were now as powerful as the techniques of Immortals. The prowess of his [Sword of Judgement] earlier had greatly exceeded his expectations.

Could the techniques recorded in the bronze book of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] be rare Martial Emperor techniques?

Could these techniques only unleash their true potential when exerted by someone with Emperor qi?

This idea crossed his mind.

However, he would have time to mull over this issue at a later time.

He first had to attend to the pressing matters at hand.

"Requite resentment with justice; requite kindness with kindness," Ye Qingyu said as he stared at the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan before continuing, "Your Highness, it's time for you to die."

He revealed his killing intent.

When he saw the resolute expression on Ye Qingyu's face, the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan knew that Ye Qingyu was not joking. He was both horrified and enraged at the thought that Ye Qingyu truly meant to crush him because no one had dared to treat him with such contempt since he had become an Emperor. He scoffed icily and said, "I shouldn't have expected anything else from a vile spawn with Sinner's blood flowing through your veins. You're immediately trying to create great bloodshed the moment you've become Emperor, so once you've consolidated your cultivation, won't you go completely overboard?"

He did not speak very loudly but his voice echoed across the sky with a strange rhythm.

Ye Qingyu scoffed disdainfully. He knew that the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan was trying to rouse the other sleeping sovereigns and gain their support, so clearly, the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan feared him after experiencing the prowess of his initial attack.

Nonetheless, Ye Qingyu was not too bothered.

"It's time for you to die," he said coldly. Then, the [Blood Drinker Sword] vibrated as he exerted the [Sword of Judgement] technique once again. This was the second time he used this technique after becoming Emperor, and the sword prowess was even mightier and more abundant than his first attack. A gigantic silver sword of light that was several thousand meters long descended from the heavens and honed in on the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan. There was no way for him to dodge this attack, so he was forced to face it head-on.

"You..." This was the first time that the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan had sensed danger since he had become an Emperor himself.

His black and white strands of hair intertwined and extended outward rapidly like black and white dragons. Then, they transformed into a black and white heavenly saber. This was also a saber of light that was several thousand meters tall and it was his attempt at countering Ye Qingyu's sword attack.


Dao sounds rumbled in the sky as the power of laws splattered everywhere.

The black and white light saber shattered immediately and exploded into shards that released a destructive energy across the sky.

The next moment, the gigantic silver sword caused ripples across the void as it absorbed all the remnant destructive force from the sovereign of Sky Fox clan's saber attack. At the same time, the silver sword bore down on the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan's head, then there was a dazzling flash of light as it absorbed his figure.



The experts from the Sky Fox clan yelled in horror and they were completely struck with terror and fright as they watched on.

They could not accept the fact that their peerless ancestor, who had the power to vanquish everything in this world, had been repeatedly injured by this young punk, who they had been certain would be crushed like an ant by their ancestor. Thus, when they saw that their ancestor, who was also their spiritual anchor, seemed like he was on the verge of being defeated, they felt as though this sword had also caused their entire world to collapse.

The radiance from the sword splendor dissipated.

Everything had completely vanished and nothing could be seen.

There was no sign of the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan.

The clan elder of the Sky Fox clan was filled with anger and grief as he looked at Ye Qingyu with bitter hatred. All sense of reason left him as he yelled, "Charge! We have to kill him to avenge our ancestor..." Then, he transformed into a ray of flowing light that hurtled toward Ye Qingyu. As for the remaining dozens of higher-ups from the Sky Fox clan, some were fearful and hesitant, but there were also others who charged toward Ye Qingyu in a moment of madness.

Ye Qingyu flicked his sleeve.


Several rays of crystalline snowflakes shot out from his sleeve, and these snowflakes moved at a moderate pace, but his opponents simply could not avoid these snowflakes. After the snowflakes pierced through their bodies, these experts of the Sky Fox clan immediately turned into snowmen that then broke apart into crystalline snowflakes and scattered across the sky. As the sun shone down on these snowflakes, the reflection of the sunlight made them look like they were made of Immortal metal, so it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Five or six Quasi-emperors of the Sky Fox clan, including the clan elder, had been killed instantly.

This was the power of a Martial Emperor.

Yet, Ye Qingyu did not think much of the feat he had just accomplished.

His eyes were filled with purple light as he exerted the [Eyes of the Void] technique and scanned the void. The moment he exerted this technique, he saw that there was a small fox that had a tail as white as snow running for its life in the void several thousand meters away. This fox had concealed its movements, but the purple eye beam immediately revealed its location.

It was none other than the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan.

He had tried to slink away, but the [Eyes of the Void] had revealed his location, so there was nowhere for him to hide.

He was obviously frightened and Ye Qingyu's attack had forced him to revert to his original appearance, so this was extremely catastrophic for him. He was absolutely certain that he would not be able to beat Ye Qingyu and knew that he might lose his life if he continued to battle on.

"Do you think you can escape?" Ye Qingyu muttered as he twisted space and sent the fleeing sovereign of the Sky Fox clan back toward him.

"Don't you dare go too far," the giant white fox howled. The fox fur that covered his body immediately raised upward and was as sharp as divine needles, an instinctual reaction of a trapped beast.

Ye Qingyu shook his head and said, "Do you remember telling me about the cause and effect theory at the east city gate? Unlike you, I will not use my powers to twist things in my favor, but you will have to bear the consequences for the deeds you've done. You forced me to battle you earlier at the Azure Cloud Platform and King Zhenyuan was merely a knife you tried to use to kill me. You even lent your own life weapon to King Zhenyuan in order to kill me and even stationed the strongest experts of the Sky Fox clan around the Azure Cloud Platform to lay in wait and ambush me. You then decided to personally attack me... If I had not become Emperor and if the situation were reversed, would you have spared me?"

"Haha, spare you? Pfft! If the situation were reversed, I would have killed you and made sure that you were reduced to dust," the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan said ruthlessly. His sharp teeth flickered with savage white light and a bestial cruel qi exploded from his body.

"Then, I have nothing else to say. Die," Ye Qingyu said as he drew closer to the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan and his sword power bore down upon the sovereign like a mountain.

"Haha, let's die together. I'll turn the Azure Cloud Platform as well as the entire Royal City into relics of the past. Haha, then you'll also be known as the Sinner of the Dark Realm." The sovereign of the Sky Fox clan became extremely feral and completely unleashed his ferocious and destructive power. He recklessly attacked, throwing all caution to the wind, and intended to destroy not only Ye Qingyu, but also the entire Royal City and all the living creatures who lived in the city.

He had descended into madness.

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly. He knew that the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan had been driven insane because his foundations were not stable after becoming an Emperor by chance at the Immortal Domain, and over the years, the inability to consolidate his cultivation had eaten away at him. He had completely descended into madness after Ye Qingyu shattered his heart for the martial way, and his madness was even more destructive than ordinary martial artists who had descended to the dark path.

"Defend!" Ye Qingyu said.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] appeared and floated in the void.

After the changes it had undergone at the refinement of the Immortal Domain, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] looked like a piece of jade that had been skillfully carved from a rock. Its dull luster had vanished and it was now a golden giant cauldron that glowed with dazzling divine radiance. Its divine glow radiated brightly and the light markings on its body were extremely clear. The pictures on its body seemed extremely realistic and a light halo surged around it. It seemed like a completely new cauldron, so most people would not have been able to connect this radiant cauldron to the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

The moment the bronze cauldron appeared, it immediately unleashed a matchless power and formed an Emperor qifield that enveloped the void around the Azure Cloud Platform and the surrounding area that extended to a radius of several thousand meters. It sealed the entire area like an Emperor formation, so the destructive force that the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan unleashed could not touch nor cause any damage to the Azure Cloud Platform or Royal City.

"You..." the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan cried out in despair. He had not expected Ye Qingyu to possess such a supreme treasure.

He could tell that this bronze cauldron was a supreme treasure and would be considered a supreme treasure even amongst Emperor weapons, for it was so terrifying.

How could Ye Qingyu possess two Emperor weapons?

"Accept your fate," Ye Qingyu said emotionlessly as he slashed out with his sword.

The sovereign of the Sky Fox clan yelled as he tried to counter with an attack of his own.

However, there was a vast difference in their prowess.

The sword radiance from Ye Qingyu's [Blood Drinker Sword] ultimately landed on the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan's neck.

The sovereign of the Sky Fox clan was about to be killed, when suddenly, a cold and authoritative voice rang out in the void. "As a new Emperor, don't you think you're being too cold-hearted? Why must you kill him?" This voice was imbued with Emperor qi and belonged to another Martial Emperor.

At the same time, four or five mysterious and abundant energy waves loomed in the Guardians' Royal City.

These four or five energy waves belonged to Martial Emperors.

It was as though a huge wave had appeared without warning on the calm surface of Royal City. And an incredibly frightening aura immediately rippled through the city as an unknown number of sovereigns who had been hibernating for tens of thousands of years had awakened from their slumber. They all had their own agenda for interfering in this battle when the victor had already been determined.

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