1186 - Getting Rid of Evil

Chapter 1186 - Getting Rid of Evil 

"Ha ha, ha ha ha ha..." King Zhenyuan started with a soft chuckle that grew into hearty laughter. He sounded a little crazed as he said, "Ha ha ha, well, well, I never thought that after ruling over the Dark Realm and defeating countless prodigies and enemies, that I'd end up dying here on this platform and that my bones will be buried amongst the white clouds. Ha ha ha, well, very well..."

He laughed until he was about to cry.

He had never expected the battle to end this way and was unable to accept this outcome.

Yet, this seemed like the best outcome.

King Zhenyuan was an ambitious man, but even he could tell that other than stretching out his neck to face the executioner's sword, he could not do anything else. Zhang Longcheng had clearly sealed his death sentence and gave him a chance to salvage his pride. After he died, the Yuan clan would receive a pardon and no one else will have to die.

"Very well. I guess, I'll have to choose to commit suicide," the King of Zhenyuan's laughter died away and his expression reverted to calmness.

He nodded and took two steps backward. His yuan qi and divine sense...

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