1186 - Getting Rid of Evil

Chapter 1186 - Getting Rid of Evil 

"Ha ha, ha ha ha ha..." King Zhenyuan started with a soft chuckle that grew into hearty laughter. He sounded a little crazed as he said, "Ha ha ha, well, well, I never thought that after ruling over the Dark Realm and defeating countless prodigies and enemies, that I'd end up dying here on this platform and that my bones will be buried amongst the white clouds. Ha ha ha, well, very well..."

He laughed until he was about to cry.

He had never expected the battle to end this way and was unable to accept this outcome.

Yet, this seemed like the best outcome.

King Zhenyuan was an ambitious man, but even he could tell that other than stretching out his neck to face the executioner's sword, he could not do anything else. Zhang Longcheng had clearly sealed his death sentence and gave him a chance to salvage his pride. After he died, the Yuan clan would receive a pardon and no one else will have to die.

"Very well. I guess, I'll have to choose to commit suicide," the King of Zhenyuan's laughter died away and his expression reverted to calmness.

He nodded and took two steps backward. His yuan qi and divine sense became more concentrated and the aura that his body exuded became more frenzied. This was the beginnings of a Dao-dissolution and it seemed like he had submitted to his destiny.

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

This would be the best outcome but it was clear that King Zhenyuan was not someone who would quietly admit defeat.

He gathered his entire body's cultivation and compressed them to their maximum limits, then a glimpse of ruthlessness and savageness appeared on his face and he turned into a ray of flowing light that hurtled rapidly at Ye Qingyu...

"Let's go to hell together," he bellowed.

He exerted his own yuan qi and activated several fake Emperor weapons in his possession as he prepared to self-detonate and bring Ye Qingyu down with him. He would kill himself together with Ye Qingyu if he had to die.

Ye Qingyu shook his head and waved his [Blood Drinker Sword].

The Life Sword's sword radiance scattered everywhere and reacted like fire on paper, instantly vanquishing the terrifying yuan qi energy waves and all his cruel qi. His figure that was charging toward Ye Qingyu also froze mid-air as though he had been fossilized and he couldn't take another step forward.

"I refuse to admit defeat, I simply refuse to..." King Zhenyuan said numbly and his face was full of resentment and hatred.

"You brought about your own destruction with your evil deeds," Ye Qingyu said coldly, "You didn't even spare a thought for your family before you died. I should have known you would act this selfishly and cruelly."

"Ha ha ha..." King Zhenyuan laughed evilly and retorted disdainfully, "There would be no reason for the King of Zhenyuan's residence to continue existing after my death. Every single one of them is completely useless anyway so even if you spare them, it is only a matter of time before they are killed by the rest of the noblemen. What a pity that I wasn't able to kill you in my lifetime. I'll definitely turn into an evil spirit after my death and continue to haunt you."

There was a sudden soft bang after he spoke and his figure exploded like fireworks in the void then vanished in a puff of green smoke as he disappeared from the face of this world.

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

"I can't believe you still refuse to admit the truth. I wasn't afraid of you while you were alive, let alone after your death," he said.

Then, he retracted his sword and stood on the platform.

Thus, the battle that has stunned the entire Royal City and the Dark Realm came to a close. This put an end to the battle with an outcome no one had expected.

The hundreds and thousands of noblemen on the Azure Cloud Square were completely frozen in shock as though their soul and sense of logic had left them. They even forgot to gasp as they remained glued blankly to their stone chairs.

The Crown Prince of the King of Zhenyuan's residence, Princess Poison Flower and the Second Prince Yuan Wenguo all looked as though they had been struck by lightning and their shock, terror, disbelief, and incredulity were written all over their faces. They looked like extremely lifelike statues that had been carved to display all the despairing expressions that men could make.

The noblemen who had aligned themselves with the King of Zhenyuan's residence had been cheering him on ingratiatingly moments earlier and falling all over themselves to prove their loyalty to him, but they were all now like orphans who had just lost their parents and their misery was written all over their faces. Their minds were a complete blank now that the powerful figure that they had relied on had suddenly been killed. They could already see the collapse of the King of Zhenyuan's residence and knew that they would be like homeless dogs without a master, who could be killed by the other forces at any moment.

Obviously, no one was more conflicted than Nie Tiankong at the moment.

He looked in disbelief at the scene in front of him and kept replaying the moment where King Zhenyuan was effortlessly destroyed by Ye Qingyu in his mind's eye. He was completely consumed by regret and remorse.

He wanted nothing more than for time to turn back to that fateful night when he entered the Sky Fox clan's residence. This was the only way he could undo the biggest mistake of his life.

If he had the ability to see into the future, he would have taken Zhang Longcheng's side no matter what it took.

Zhang Longcheng's display of his combat abilities on the Azure Cloud Platform had astounded everybody. King Zhenyuan was a nine-step Quasi-emperor and proclaimed himself to be the most powerful person under a Martial Emperor. With the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] of the Sky Fox clan in his hands, his strength could be comparable to a Martial Emperor but he had been reduced to dust by Zhang Longcheng. This was enough to see how powerful Zhang Longcheng was.

If his own residence had such an invincible and powerful expert on his side, this could signify the rise of the Nie clan.

Damn it, he had already taken Zhang Longcheng's side on so many occasions and for such a long period of time that he had already gained Zhang Longcheng's favor and everyone else assumed that Zhang Longcheng was on his side, so why did he abandon Zhang Longcheng at the final and most critical moment? Why did he abandon the key to the glorious rise of the Nie clan?

Nie Tiankong could have spat out blood for he was so consumed with remorse.

He looked around at his trusted generals all around him. These were the same people who had persuaded him to give up on Zhang Longcheng but their heads were all bowed now as though they were pretending that nothing had changed. No one dared to look at him and he suddenly had an urge to draw his knife to kill all these useless men.

"Sigh, I regret not listening to Linghu Buxiu's words," Nie Tiankong finally remembered Linghu Buxiu's words. If he had listened to his advice, then... What a pity that the damage was already done.

He subconsciously turned his head and noticed that Marquis Tingtao, his daughter, and Linghu Buxiu who stood beside the core members of the King of Zhenyuan's residence were still in absolute shock and their bodies shook in excitement but they couldn't express anything else.

At this point in time, these three figures were the focus of everyone's attention.

"Father, he won, he won...." Lin Nanzhu finally regained her wits and yelled excitedly while her eyes shone brightly with tears.

Marquis Tingtao's face was also streaked with tears.

Only those who had once experienced extreme pressure would be able to empathize with Marquis Tingtao and his daughter at the moment. Furthermore, they were the only few people who understood Ye Qingyu's intentions and the implications of the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] winning this battle.

Linghu Buxiu wished he could be like the legendary wise men and pretend to brush this historic moment off like it was nothing, but for some reason and despite his old age, he could still feel tears pricking at his eyes.

The entire Linghu clan had been under immense pressure and had been harassed incessantly because of him over the past few days.

On the Azure Cloud Platform.

The azure emperor force light shield dissipated.


The [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] was finally freed and it transformed into a speck of flowing light that shot toward the Sky Fox clan's residence.

Ye Qingyu stood quietly on the spot and waited for the Azure Cloud Platform to descend.

According to the rules, the Azure Cloud Platform would slowly descend to the Azure Cloud Square once the battle had ended. The battle would only be considered over after the azure bricks stopped circulating with Emperor qi. As the victor, Ye Qingyu would stand to enjoy immense glory and honor, but he was not interested in all that.

However, the Azure Cloud Platform did not descend even after some time had passed.

Initially, he was a little surprised, but this surprise soon turned to shock.

He sensed a barely perceptible killing intent in the void around him and at the same time, an elusive Emperor qi that was very well concealed gradually surrounded the platform, as though it was trying to trap him on the platform.


Ye Qingyu's expression changed as he sensed danger.

"I see that the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan has arrived. Why don't you show yourself?" Ye Qingyu noticed that the qi waves of this aura was very similar to the hidden aura of the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] earlier and immediately guessed who this person was.

As he expected, a voice rang out coldly from the void, "Not bad. You've sensed my presence so quickly that I can't help but admit that the younger generation has surpassed the older generation..." then, a figure that resembled a watercolor painting slowly appeared within the white clouds. The right of this figure's body was completely white while the left side was completely black and his hair color was also similarly split along the same lines. His black and white hair was several hundred meters long and flowed along the void like a waterfall to form a black and white octagon.

He was the Martial Emperor of the Sky Fox clan.

The patriarch of the Sky Foxes.

This was the first time Ye Qingyu had seen a living Martial Emperor.

As he felt the terrifying aura that was as abundant as the sea emitting from this figure and couldn't help but feel a shiver of fear run down his spine. He asked warily, "May I know why the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan has come?"

There was nothing he liked about this Martial Emperor who had helped King Zhenyuan to kill him and frankly, they should be considered enemies, so he did not speak kindly to this Martial Emperor.

Ye Qingyu's current cultivation and the fact that he now possessed a life Emperor weapon meant that he did not have to fear a Martial Emperor any longer.

"I'm here to get rid of evil," the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan said with a small smile.

"Oh? Getting rid of evil? Where is this evil?" Ye Qingyu's eyes flashed brightly as though he already knew what the sovereign would say next.

The sovereign of the Sky Fox clansaid clearly, "It might seem far, but this evil is actually right in front of me. I'm referring to you, Military Judge Zhang Longcheng... I'm left with no choice but to kill you for the sake of the stability and the order of the camp. Please do not resist me. Accept your fate and I'll grant you a quick death."

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