1185 - Emperor Weapon

Chapter 1185 - Emperor weapon 

"What is that?" King Zhenyuan exclaimed in surprise.

The Emperor qi from the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] was getting more powerful with each attack. The yellow divine splendor from before was a sign that he had thrown all his might behind that attack in an effort to completely wipe Zhang Longcheng from the face of this world. He had not held anything back at all.

He was sure that Zhang Longcheng would definitely die now that he had lost his blood-colored long sword.

However, now it seemed like...

What is happening?

Ye Qingyu's laughter rang out heartily.

"Hahaha, this is great. I've finally managed to do it. Just as I suspected, the stones on other hills may serve to polish jade; thus, the Emperor weapon's qualities can be used to make my own. I've succeeded... I've actually succeeded! The heavens must be on my side. Hahaha, Your Highness, I must really thank you for lending a hand and enabling me to craft my own life weapon. Hahaha..." Ye Qingyu laughed heartily.

The faint red glow in his palm suddenly turned bright and dazzling.

A mysterious aura started to circulate around the Azure Cloud Platform.

This force caused the heavens and earth to change in color and the mountains and rivers to lose their glow. It was an awe-inspiring power that could shake one's soul. The Azure Cloud Platform started to trembled...

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