1184 Sword Break

Chapter 1184 – Sword Break

A dazzling radiance flickered in Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

Instead of evading, he worked up the [Blood Drinker Sword] and operated the Life Sword sword will to meet the incoming strike. 


A splendor sent him flying once more.

He crashed onto the azure Emperor qi protective shield of the platform again. 

As he slowly slid off the shield, a trail of blood oozed from the corner of his mouth, albeit it was only an injury caused by impact. After operating his qi and blood to make the injury disappear instantly, he lowered his head to look at the [Blood Drinker Sword] in his palm.

Although it remained intact, the blood-colored splendor circulating brightly on it had dulled somewhat from previously, revealing that it had suffered some damage too. 

“It’s okay, that’s fine...”

Ye Qingyu understood the [Blood Drinker Sword] like it was his own body.

As he activated the formations in the sword, scorching blood-colored flames began to burn again while a burst of power surged from the sword, as if the sword had come alive.

“One more time, hahaha!”

Brandishing the sword, he charged toward King Zhenyuan again. 

Squinting his eyes, the latter could tell that the blood-colored sword in Ye Qingyu’s hands was very strange, and could actually withstand two successive strikes from an Emperor weapon like the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites]. This made him even more firm in his belief that the sword was the trump card given to Ye Qingyu by the head of the Sun clan. 

“Let’s talk again after I’ve broken your sword.”

Amid his sneering, he worked up the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] again. Like an ancient thunderbolt, a beam of azure divine splendor shot through the air and locked on to Ye Qingyu, seeking to bulldoze this military judge who was onrushing like flowing light.


Dao sounds thundered.

Azure and red flowing light spattered all over the place.

Ye Qingyu was sent flying once more, crashing heavily onto the Emperor qi protective shield of the platform.

His injury was even more serious than before this time. Like meandering blood snakes, wounds formed on his sword holding right arm, looking extremely terrifying and revealing his dense white bones, showing that he had been injured by the Emperor qi feedback of the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites]. Not only did the corner of his mouth ooze blood, but even his viscera were damaged. 

The [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] was an Emperor weapon after all.

A true Emperor weapon.

Mottled holes, each as large as a soybean, also appeared on the blade of the [Blood Drinker Sword], making it look serrated and deformed.

Looking down at the sword in his hand, Ye Qingyu circulated yuan qi in his palm and injected it into the sword. As the formations on the sword flickered and changed, the holes eventually disappeared and the sword thus became complete again.

“Looks like things aren’t too different from what I’d guessed.”

He revealed a faint, easy smile on his face.

“I haven’t had enough, one more time.” Brandishing the sword and moving in flashes, he attacked once more.

He instantly reached in front of King Zhenyuan and exerted a sword strike. As the force of the Life Sword circulated and sword will filled the air, the immense killing force he unleashed broke King Zhenyuan’s defenses at once, nearly piercing King Zhenyuan in the forehead in just one stroke.

“Haha, what a desperate way of fighting. Pitiful.”

King Zhenyuan guffawed.

Behind him, the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] light disc, which only had six divine beams remaining, discharged yet another silver divine beam. Although it was late and seemed slow, it struck the tip of the [Blood Drinker Sword] before the latter pierced into his forehead. 


An indescribable power of Dao law erupted.


Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and spurted a blood arrow before he was sent flying back like a kite which had its string broken. The [Blood Drinker Sword] made cracking noises as white fissures spread across it, indicating that it had suffered heavy damage.

With a cruel expression on his face, King Zhenyuan laughed grimly.

“You’re dead.” He looked at Ye Qingyu, who was covered in blood in the distance. “Rare as this sword may be, it can’t withstand the bombardment of the Emperor qi of my [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites]. It looks like the head of the Sun clan has also not truly given you his full treasures. This sword isn’t a true Emperor weapon.”

Wielding a true Emperor weapon at the moment, Yuan Wenjun finally experienced bits of the feeling of a Martial Emperor’s invincibility. Sensing the surging of the Emperor qi beside him, he dreamily imagined that he had attained Dao fruition for real.

For this moment at least, he felt himself to be the invincible master of the universe.

“Hahahaha...” Ye Qingyu laughed out loud. “So much crap. How many more strikes can your [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] unleash? My sword can still withstand plenty. Let’s see who’s the one that was forsaken.”

Amid his laughter, the [Blood Drinker Sword] shot forth a dazzling blood radiance. The cracks on it slowly disappeared and the sword thus regained flawlessness.

“Is that so? Then I shall break it completely to crush your last hope.” King Zhenyuan’s eyes turned cold. Behind him, the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] launched an azure divine splendor toward Ye Qingyu. 


This time, Ye Qingyu was sent flying backward again.


Amid a crisp noise, the [Blood Drinker Sword] broke into two.

It has broken.

Ye Qingyu’s sword-holding right hand was nearly turned into meat paste by the impact he suffered. The [Blood Drinker Sword] landed on the floor, quivering endlessly and struggling frantically like an injured spiritual beast.

“How’s this strike?” King Zhenyuan looked at Ye Qingyu teasingly and asked, “Now that your sword’s broken, how will you withstand my next strike?”

With a thought, Ye Qingyu made his blood and qi surge, instantly healing his injuries as much as he could. The circulation of yuan qi in his body seemed to be even more vigorous than before. As he raised and waved his hand, the quivering [Blood Drinker Sword] flew back into his hand. After he swiped a finger across the air, the broken sword returned to its normal state.

“Try again.” Ye Qingyu raised the sword and stood up.

This time, his figure seemed somewhat ruffled and not as calm as previously, giving the impression that he was stubbornly doing something he knew he could not do.

“As you wish.”

King Zhenyuan unleashed a yellow divine splendor.

Because the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] was an Emperor weapon while the Sky Fox clan was said to have the innate talent of foretelling nature’s secrets, the disc was the Sky Fox clan Martial Emperor’s tool for gaining Dao. Every divine beam represented a kind of power, each more frightening than the last one. Although King Zhenyuan had not completely mastered this Emperor weapon, he was nevertheless able to derive astonishing power from it, given his cultivation.


Ye Qingyu was sent flying again.

His upper body nearly exploded and fragmented.

Resembling the wings of a blood-colored butterfly, the [Blood Drinker Sword] in his hand broke off inch by inch, forming an arc of death in the void and turning into countless fragments before dispersing in all directions.

This time, Ye Qingyu was all but crushed.

Cheers rang out on the plaza.

The Crown Prince leapt up excitedly and howled, while Princess Poison Flower and the Second Prince also laughed out loud. Everything had turned out as they had expected, and the show could not have been any better. The seemingly strong performance put up by Zhang Longcheng more so set off the might of King Zhenyuan. When subject to an Emperor weapon, not an inch of grass could live. Zhang Longcheng still had to die, for thenceforth, the influence and awe of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence in Royal City would become even more terrifying than before.

A faint smile also emerged on Nie Tiankong’s face.

Although he had been enemies with King Zhenyuan before and even the mediation of the Sky Fox clan was unable to fully diffuse the estrangement between them, he still hoped that King Zhenyuan would win, because only this way would outsiders believe his abandonment of Zhang Longcheng during a critical moment to be a stroke of genius.

Nie Tiankong’s trusted generals and counselors also began to laugh.

They were also hoping for this result, for it was they who advised Nie Tiankong to abandon Zhang Longcheng. Now that Zhang Longcheng was in a miserable state, it moreso proved that their foresight was sharp and spot-on. 

Throughout the plaza, only Marquis Tingtao, Lin Nanzhu, and Linghu Buxiu were feeling ice-cold inside, as they worried for Ye Qingyu and hoped that he could cope. It could already be considered heaven-defying of him to have successively withstood several attacks of the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites], but given the situation, the combined power of King Zhenyuan and the Sky Fox clan seemed overly frightening and ultimately irresistible.

“What a pity. He’s a supreme character who could’ve turned the dark situation in Royal City around.” Marquis Tingtao felt infinite grief and regret. He had hoped that Ye Qingyu could defy Heaven’s will, purge the darkness in Royal City, and restore order in the army, but the power of darkness turned out to be too great. 

On the Azure Cloud Platform.

With his blood and qi surging, Ye Qingyu regained his initial condition.

As he looked at the red fragments on the floor, a strange luster formed in his eyes. His palm released strange bursts of yuan qi that had formation beams circulating within, seeming as though they wanted to resummon the broken [Blood Drinker Sword].

“Haha, give it up. Under the crushing might of the Emperor qi, your broken sword couldn’t withstand a single blow and was completely destroyed.” King Zhenyuan laughed delightfully. Being in control of the power of the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites], he knew for certain that the [Blood Drinker Sword] had been broken completely by that earlier strike, such that its spiritual consciousness and formations had all been destroyed.

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

He released the silver beams that had been circulating in the depths of his palms to shroud the [Blood Drinker Sword] fragments on the floor, suggesting that he wanted to reassemble the sword. However, the blood-colored fragments were dull and devoid of light, as if they had lost all spirituality and could not respond at all. 

The sword has turned into fragments.

It’s dead.

His summoning was futile.

“Hahaha, let’s now see what trump card you have.” King Zhenyuan guffawed when he saw this scene. “I shall use your own words back on you. Why do I have to change my frame of mind, which has always been the same? You’re the one who has to change. You thought that you could control everything, when you have actually never been anything more than a toad in the sewers. Can one control the world when one has only seen a patch of the sky?”

Paying him no attention, Ye Qingyu continued to try summoning the [Blood Drinker Sword].

Several hundred sword fragments were scattered on the floor, their color becoming ever duller while they did not respond to him at all.

“Stalling for time? Let me send you on your way.” Laughing grimly, King Zhenyuan immediately worked up the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites]. An orange beam of divine splendor swept out, locking on to the swordless Ye Qingyu. This was a strike that was certain to kill and decide everything.

Orange light surged.

Dao laws raged and Dao sounds thundered.

However, not once did Ye Qingyu take any action of evasion or resistance. He continued to try summoning the fragmented sword until the orange light had completely inundated him. A dazzling splendor devoured everything, making it impossible for him to open his eyes.

“Hahaha, it has all ended.” Having got off a decisive strike, King Zhenyuan guffawed and then sighed. “That’s smart of you. Knowing that you have no chance without that sword, you chose death on purpose so as to save yourself from torture at my hands. Hoho, allowing you to die easily shall be my last act of kindness to you.”

As soon as he spoke.

His gaze suddenly froze.

This was because, after the orange luster of the Eighth Opposite of the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] had gradually dissipated, he discovered to his disbelief that, at the very center of his strike, the figure whom he had thought to have died for sure was actually completely uninjured, while in his hands gently yet tenaciously capered a dazzling red splendor which could pass for a candle flame, an eye radiance, a star, a drop of blood, a tinge of morning mist, a ray of morning sunlight, and a divine radiance which ignited all hope. 

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