1183 – Emperor Weapon

Chapter 1183 – Emperor weapon 

“I told you to change your frame of mind.” Ye Qingyu gradually retracted his fist. “Don’t always think that what you think is right. You’ll just be wasting your life guessing like that. That little bit of foundation from your Yuan clan alone isn’t enough against me. I shall give you some time now to display the technique given to you by the Sky Fox clan.”

“Preposterous.” Feeling a jolt in his heart, King Zhenyuan sneered while his injuries healed completely. “You yourself are depending completely on what the head of the Sun clan gave you… Hoho, I’d like to see how long you can last with this level of power.”

With that, he opened his palm, causing a wisp of blood radiance and a red flaming spear to appear in his hand at once.

This was his life weapon that had taken countless years to forge and temper. Having gently cultivated it using his own yuan qi and blood qi continually, it could already be considered a fake-emperor-weapon-level treasure. Wreathed by surging blood flames that were as volatile as flames from the kingdom of heaven, a fierce burst of aura began emanate from within.

This was a spear that had accompanied King Zhenyuan for many years and had killed god-knows-how-many...

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