1182 – What’s the Point?

Chapter 1182 – What’s the Point? 

As always, King Zhenyuan was overbearingly powerful, albeit he was not clad in armor this time but was instead dressed in a fiery red cloth robe. Appearing most confident, he immediately drew cheers from the VIP zone below as soon as his burly figure appeared on the Azure Cloud Platform.

He was indeed very relaxed.

This was because Zhang Longcheng’s might had never been equal to his, and besides, the monarch of the Sky Fox clan had said that Zhang Longcheng did not gain anything from the cultivation process in the Immortal Domain. On top of that, he was in possession of a great killing weapon, and thus, in his view, the battle was just a formality in which Zhang Longcheng did not even have a fighting chance.

Soon, reminded by the military personnel to one side, King Zhenyuan and Ye Qingyu separately signed a duel agreement which was akin to a life-and-death contract. Upon being signed, it entailed that they would take full responsibility for the consequences no matter what happened on the platform, and that the party which walked off the platform would not be held liable for anything.

The huge platform began to quiver slightly.

As the formations of Emperor qi contained within...

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