1180 - Abandonment

Chapter 1180, Abandonment

Such news, from the mouth of a great aristocratic force like the Sky Fox clan, obviously had unparalleled persuasive strength.  

“It was the sovereign of my clan who said that the gamble of the Sun clan had failed.”

Another great aristocrat of the Sky Fox clan spread the word in public. 

“On the Azure Cloud Platform, this hateful country bumpkin will be killed to put an end to the storm in Royal City and to warn the world.” 

The Crown Prince of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence also jumped up joyously and made such a threat at the gathering. 

This period of time, the King of Zhenyuan’s residence had been suppressed by Zhang Longcheng to the point of being unable to breathe. Let alone other matters, the fact that King Zhenyuan had to fight a duel with a newly rising General on the Azure Cloud Platform was already enough humiliation. All the forces of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence's Yuan clan were looking forward to King Zhenyuan, Yuan Wenjun, killing Zhang Longcheng on the Azure Cloud Platform to wash away their humiliation. 

“It looks like Zhang Longcheng will no doubt die.”  

“Haha, he's just a country bumpkin from a little remote place, big-headed and hollow inside. He has no foundation, it is impossible for him to last long.” 

“Patiently await the day Zhang Longcheng is killed.” 

Similar rumours continue to spread throughout Royal City. 

The date of the battle on Azure Cloud Platform was only three days away. 

In Royal City, clouds were scudding across, wind rising. 

Military division, Commander Nie Tiankong's residence. 

Nie Tiankong, with a gloomy face, was lost in thought. 

And Linghu Buxiu and other trusted aides of the Nie residence were all gathered in the main hall at this time, their faces cloudy and mixed with uncertainty. Everyone knew that the Commander had always been standing on Zhang Longcheng's side, supporting him, but now the situation was extremely unfavourable to the Commander.

In the past few days, the news that the King of Zhenyuan’s residence and the Sky Fox clan had deliberately let out made the parties, who were originally full of expectation for Zhang Longcheng, given up all hope, because this was an assertion from the sovereign of the Sky Fox clan. It was the judgement of a Martial Emperor. There was no one that dared to doubt him.

The status of the Sky Fox clan was much higher than that of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence. 

After all, although a Martial Emperor had been born from the King of Zhenyuan’s residence before, he was said to have fallen long ago, while the Sky Fox clan had a present age Martial Emperor. The difference was already too great. 

Commander Nie Tiankong was in a difficult situation. 

Should he continue to stand on Zhang Longcheng’s side or abandon him? This was a matter that urgently needed to be considered. He must make a decision before the end of the battle on Azure Cloud Platform. Otherwise, if he were to wait until the dust has settled before he chooses his side, it would be too late to mend anything. 

“Commander, I think there is still time to turn around, why don’t we first express goodwill to the King of Zhenyuan’s residence, side with the Sky Fox clan, and abandon Zhang Longcheng to clearly show our stance.” A counselor stood up and broke the silence. 

“No, we are already like fire and water with the King of Zhenyuan’s residence. If we were to acknowledge the mistake now, then the prestige that Commander Nie Tiankong accumulated before will instantly crumble. How can Commander Nie Tiankong deter others in the future?” Linghu Buxiu hurriedly stood up to disagree. 

“Humph, Lord Linghu Buxiu, I see you are thinking for your own benefits and not considering Commander Nie Tiankong. Back then it was you who encouraged Commander Nie Tiankong to support Zhang Longcheng. Now that we are in such a situation, you have to take the greatest responsibility for this matter.” Another General scolded Linghu Buxiu with a sneer.  

“Don't make slanderous accusations. It was Commander Nie Tiankong who wanted me to support Zhang Longcheng. Are you blaming Commander Nie Tiankong ?” Linghu Buxui snapped. “Besides, it was because of Zhang Longcheng that we could obtain superiority in the struggle with the King of Zhenyuan’s residence, we...”  

“Haha, the situation at present is very much different from before. The Sky Fox clan supports King Zhenyuan, if we and Yuan Wenjun were enemies, that will anger the Sky Fox clan. The gains do not make up for the losses.” A middle-aged scholar, who had been sitting calmly on one side, spoke all of a sudden, “The Sun clan is deteriorating, we should not have any scruples. At this time, we must quickly abandon Zhang Longcheng to minimize the losses. I think the rumours are true, it will be difficult for Zhang Longcheng to survive on the Azure Cloud Platform.”

“Yes, why protect someone who is doomed to die. He has lost his value, he is already a useless pawn.” 

“That's right, we just have to calculate the benefits. Don't worry about other things too much. Also Commander Nie Tiankong has already done enough for Zhang Longcheng. He can't be buried with Zhang Longcheng because of his madness, right?” 

All of the people spoke out their opinions one after another. Almost all felt that they should abandon Ye Qingyu, because this was a business that was doomed to lose money. In the Dark Realm, there was no friendship, everything was about the exchange of benefits.

“Commander Nie Tiankong, please think twice, if you abandon Zhang Longcheng now, all of your pervious efforts will be wasted,” Linghu Buxui hurriedly dissuaded.

He had a pretty good relationship with Ye Qingyu, and at the same time, also developed an understanding of Ye Qingyu during the time they spent together. He felt that Ye Qingyu was not someone who would do uncertain things, and since he volunteered to go to the Azure Cloud Platform, he really may have a chance to defeat King Zhenyuan. 

The eyes of the hesitant Nie Tiankong fell upon Linghu Buxui, then suddenly thought of something, he said, “Linghu Buxui, I remember the day when Zhang Longcheng came, it was you who received him for me, is that right?”  

Linghu Buxui nodded, “That's correct.”

“You and him have a good personal friendship, isn’t that right?” Nie Tiankong asked again. 

Linghu Buxui subconsciously nodded, before he realized something, “Commander Nie Tiankong, I am not protecting him because of personal friendship, but for you, Commander, I...”  

Before he could finish his sentence, Nie Tiankong waved his hand and said, “You have been following me for a period of time, I know you well... okay, you have been with me all these days, you must be tired, go back to rest. If there isn’t anything important don’t come to the Commander residence.” 

Linghu Buxui's countenance changed suddenly when he heard this, body began to tremble, “Commander Nie Tiankong, you... this...” 

“Well, go.” Nie Tiankong waved his hand dismissively, face growing icy cold. 

Linghu Buxui seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden and had lost his spirit. He wanted to say something, but seeing the frosty cold expression on Nie Tiankong’s face, and then the gloating expression of the colleagues around, he eventually did not say a word but turned around and left. 

From now on, he will never get the trust of Nie Tiankong. It also meant that Nie Tiankong, after insisting to support Zhang Longcheng for such a long period of time, finally chose to give up and changed his stance.

Stepping out of the Nie residence and turning his head to look back at the main entrance gate, Linghu Buxui let out a long sigh, a great disappointment in his heart.


A news spread across the Royal City. 

The new noble of the military division, Nie Tiankong, personally visited the Patriarch of the Sky Fox clan. 

At first, some people did not believe in this news, because the relationship between the Nie clan and the Sky Fox clan was not too good. However, later it was reported that Nie Tiankong was refused entry by the Sky Fox clan, extremely embarrassed, but did not give up. After three consecutive visits, he was finally allowed to enter through the door. After this, it was said that the old ancestor of the Sky Fox clan received him. As for what they talked about, only the parties involved would know.

Some people speculated that Nie Tiankong wanted to plead for Zhang Longcheng. 

After all, as everybody knows, Zhang Longcheng was one of his trusted aides, and it was also him who promoted and brought Zhang Longcheng to Royal City. Nie Tiankong can be said to be Zhang Longcheng’s greatest supporter in Royal City.

But soon, an explosive message spread throughout the Guardian Royal City. 

Nie Tiankong had given up on Zhang Longcheng. 

This new noble of Royal City, who had brought the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] Zhang Loncheng to his current status and position, had also in the most critical moment, decided not to support Zhang Longcheng. Not only this, he also condemned Zhang Longchehng for being too cruel, for using the law enforcement as an excuse to kill meritorious aristocrats, and is really insane...

Such a statement truly shocked the entire Royal City. 

Then, however, after a careful thought, it was only right. 

Zhang Longcheng's defeat was imminent. Even if Nie Tiankong sympathizes with Zhang Longcheng, it was impossible for him to sacrifice the fate of his whole clan and faction. Now it may seem useless for him to declare his position, but there was no doubt that he showed determination to cut the wrist like a brave warrior. At least he could retrieve himself from an inferior position to the greatest extent. 

But for Zhang Longcheng...

This was no longer just adding fuel to the fire. If it were anyone else, they would have completely sunk into despair. 

“Haha, now I’m beginning to sympathize with this country bumpkin.” The Crown Prince of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence laughed, and let out the words to the outside world that when Ye Qingyu dies on the Azure Cloud Platform, he will make his skull into a urinal. 

“I will ask father to just cripple him, and not kill him. I shall make him howl in pain for one hundred years.” The Poison Flower Princess spoke in a vicious tone of voice, evidently hated Ye Qingyu to the bone.

The son and daughter of King Zhenyuan were now extremely active in Royal City. The King of Zhenyuan’s residence, which had suffered a great loss, has now obtained the support of the Sky Fox clan and regained its prestige. The people of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence also became arrogant and domineering like they were in the past.

And the Sun clan, who had always insisted on supporting Ye Qingyu, had become the biggest laughing stock.

“After the battle on Azure Cloud Platform, there will no longer be anywhere that the Sun clan can stand.” 

 “An imperial clan is coming to an end.”

“That is the price of taking the wrong path, an imperial clan is no exception.”

Many people sighed. 

The Sun clan did not have much response to this. Besides the fact that Chief Commander Sun Yi had strictly told the people not to discuss the matter at this time, more importantly, the Sun clan during this period of time was in a state of anxiety. 

Time went by. 

In a twinkling, three days had passed.

Early tomorrow morning was the day of the decisive battle on Azure Cloud Platform.

The Sun clan's ancestral mansion.

In the depths.

Ye Qingyu got up with a smile on his face.

“The law in the Immortal Domain is indeed different from that of the real world. If I were to become an Emperor in the Immortal Domain, there is a high chance I will drop back down a realm and will be regarded as a pseudo-Emperor. Fortunately I did not become Emperor at that time.” For the past three days and three nights, he had been working with the sovereign of the Sun clan to confirm what he had learnt.

After all, the sovereign of the Sun clan was a present age Martial Emperor.  Although he was at the end of his life span, but his experience can be said to be at the peak. Thus his words had huge reference value to Ye Qingyu.

And at this time, Ye Qingyu was convinced that he had completely figured out all of the profound meanings and secrets of becoming Emperor. 

Ye Qingyu did not attach any importance to the so-called Azure Cloud Platform battle. He was confident in winning. What he was now pursuing was to achieve the Dao in the real world and step into the Emperor realm. After these three days of understanding and discussion, just like in the Immortal Domain, he had already vaguely touched that layer of shackle. And once broken, he can become Emperor in one move.  

“The Azure Cloud Platform may be the place where I achieve the Dao.” 

Ye Qingyu’s eyes twinkled with a confident glimmer—— 

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