1179 - Rest assured Elder

Chapter 1179, Rest assured Elder

After careful consideration, Ye Qingyu in the end did not try to break through to the Martial Emperor realmin the Immortal Domain.

He gave up the temptation of becoming Emperor.  

Because this place was, after all a fragment of the Immortal world, and not the real world, while he was a person of the real world. Thus he was unsure whether he would drop back to the Quasi-emperor realm once he returns to the real world if he were to break through to the Martial Emperor realm here because of different laws. That would be even more troublesome.  

“It's almost been two months, the battle on Azure Cloud Platform is near. I can only stay here for less than ten days.” 

Ye Qingyu calculated the time. 

Each person trains at the Immortal Domain for different lengths of time, and because Ye Qingyu entered through the referral of the sovereign of the Sun clan, he could stay in the Immortal Domain for up to three months. There wasn't much time left now. 

“Although it’s not possible to break directly into the real Emperor realm, I could in this space explore the true power of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], [Blood Drinker Sword], and other weapons. Through further refining and strengthening, their power can be increased several times.” 

Ye Qingyu summoned the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. 

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! 

As though it sensed the profound meaning of heaven and earth in the Immortal Domain, the cauldron began to shake, and eventually emitted a glimmer of thought, before it turned into a stream of light and flew off into the distance. 

Ye Qingyu immediately understood its will.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] had...

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