1178 - Right in front of his eyes

Chapter 1178, Right in front of his eyes

White clouds, waterfalls. 

Ten thousand kilometers of rivers and mountains were as beautiful as jade. 

Ye Qingyu was bare from the waist up as he sat cross-legged under the waterfall, like a jade sculpted statue. His body was extremely perfect, scarless and flawless. 

He closed his eyes and began to feel this world. 

Here was the Immortal Domain. 

The place that everyone in the Dark Realm dreamt of coming. It was rumored that the reason that there were Martial Emperors in the Dark Realm, and more than one, which far exceed the number in the Vast Thousand Domains, was because of the existence of this Immortal Domain. 

On the third day after the agreement was reached with the Sun clan, Ye Qingyu, under the personal escort of Chief Commander Sun Yi, entered the Immortal Domain, and to this day, it had already been ten days and ten nights. 

This Immortal Domain was not particularly big. 

In the past tten days, Ye Qingyu learned that the Immortal Domain only had an area which was less than one hundred thousand kilometers, and that this world was most likely the piece of remaining fragment of the Immortal world. 

And in this Immortal world fragment, there was a rich spiritual qi that Ye Qingyu had never seen before. If the laws of heaven and earth...

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