1177 - Doomed

Chapter 1177, Doomed

The conversation did not last long, and about half an hour later, Ye Qingyu, led by Sun Li, left the ancestral home of the Sun clan.

Outside the heavily guarded hall, dozens of top members of the Sun clan, including the current head of the Sun clan, Chief Commander Sun Yi, watched Ye Qingyu leave with a complex expression on their faces.  

Because the Sovereign of the Sun clan did not conceal this matter from these people——Sending Ye Qingyu into the Immortal Domain was not something that can be kept a secret and would sooner or later be heard. Therefore, the higher-ups of the Sun clan were the first to know that the clan's most precious resource, the last place of entering the Immortal Domain for training was given to the outsider who had just left.

“Why? Such a valuable place...” 

Although unwilling, it was a decision made by the old ancestor of their clan, thus no one dared to object.  

“Yes, we will not even frown if old ancestor wants our lives, as long as it is for the clan, we are willing to do anything, but why should the last spot that could revitalize our clan be given to an outsider?” Another aristocrat of the Sun clan expressed his...

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