1176 - Immortal gold dropped from the sky

Chapter 1176, Immortal gold dropped from the sky

After hundreds of years, there was finally the appearance of a present age Martial Emperor, and not only one. At the same time, the Azure Cloud Platform was about to reopen, and King Zhenyuan would soon step onto the Azure Cloud Platform. When these two pieces of news spread out, the whole Guardian Royal City was almost boiling, like salt sprinkled into a hot pan of oil.

Either of these two news was enough to cause turmoil in the entire Dark Realm, let alone the fact that these two news had appeared at the same time, leaving many of the great aristocrats feeling a little numb after hearing it. 

Of course, numbness did not mean that they were unsurprised by the unexpected. 

It was just that the consequences of the news was just too great that it had to be digested slowly. 

And in this process, the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] Zhang Longcheng was undoubtedly a core factor. Many important aristocrats and many people looked back at the causes and processes that set off the storm in the Royal City, and were surprised to find that the stormy waves, from beginning to end, were related to the person that the aristocrats call country bumpkin.

To be more precise, everything was actively...

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