1174 - Azure Cloud Platform

Chapter 1174, Azure Cloud Platform

The moment Ye Qingyu heard this voice he immediately realized how wrong his previous speculation was. It turned out that there were indeed present age Martial Emperors living in the Royal City of the Dark Realm, and there was more than one. 

Thinking back to all his actions in the city these days, he really could not help cold sweat soaking his back. The good thing was that these old monsters were too lazy to take care of these ‘trivial matters’. Otherwise, he would have disappeared from this world long ago.

It was not known whether the [Formless Armor of Drifting Clouds] can block the eyes of a real Martial Emperor? 

Under such circumstances, once his real identity was exposed, the trouble would be huge——Zhang Longcheng was a member of the camp of the Dark Realm, and what he had done can only be regarded as an internal dispute. But Ye Qingyu was from the Vast Thousand Domains, was an outsider, thus, once discovered by the Martial Emperor that it was an outsider with ulterior motives who had done such things, he most likely would have to die.

Ye Qingyu suddenly greatly increased his vigilance. 

He stood...

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