1170 - Only one move (1)

Chapter 1170, Only one move

The exchange of eye contact, like a real substance, seemed to be shooting out clusters of sparks in the void.

King Zhenyuan made no disguise of his killing intent. 

Even if the others did not say anything, he could guess that the middle-aged man that came alone was the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] Zhang Longcheng who had caused turmoil in the Royal City during this period of time.

For King Zhenyuan, the appearance of Zhang Longcheng was a good thing. At least it gave him a reason to withdraw his troops from the Fire Province and not have to risk his army being completely wiped out. However, Zhang Longcheng should not have insulted the dignity of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence. Therefore, he must die. 

On the small airship, Ye Qingyu was...

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