1167 - Withdrawal of troops

Chapter 1167, Withdrawal of troops

Fire Province. 

Among the provinces in the Dark Realm, the Fire Province was not considered a huge state, but in recent times the Fire Province had definitely become the most striking province in the Dark Realm. 

Because the Fire Province was in rebellion. 

The matter started in silence, and before everyone had realized and reacted, like the sparks of a prairie fire, it had swept through the entire Fire Province. Now the Fire Province had completely split from the order of the Guardian camp. 

The splitting up from the Guardian camp was also something that had happened before, but it was definitely not as quick and earth shaking as this time. 

 Now, the entire Fire Province was surrounded by the prestigious Zhenyuan army of the Guardian camp. 

King Zhenyuan had personally gone into battle, sealed the entire Fire Province, and only allowed entry but not exit. Any living being attempting to leave the Fire Province, regardless of race, status, and whether they were aristocratic or dark citizen, was killed on the spot. 

This policy of killing anybody had caused some controversy. 

Because it was very easy to force the experts of the aristocratic forces and major races in...

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