1165 - Why Not Go One Step Further?

Chapter 1165 - Why Not Go One Step Further?

“It’s that lunatic,” someone cried out in alarm.

At the same time, all eyes converged upon this figure.

Everyone recognized the figure that flew out from the mansion to be Zhang Longcheng, the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords]. His body was completely smeared in blood and circulated a near-material blood-colored evil qi all around, bringing to mind the killing god of the netherworld.

At this instant, it seemed that a boundless burst of evil qi was assailing upon everyone. Every one of their banners, battle garments, and hair strands fluttered backward, as if being compelled to retreat by some kind of ripping force.

The enormous pressure caused a few weaker soldiers to feel suffocated.

A silent unrest pervaded the air.

A faint smile formed on Nie Tiankong’s face, albeit he did not say anything at once.

Linghu Buxiu was shocked to the extreme.

He did not actually believe that Ye Qingyu could safely escape from the King of Zhenyuan’s residence, and kill his way out so quickly to boot. Just by looking at his blood-stained body, one could tell how terrible the battle in the residence must have been.

“Let me go, let me go...”

Yu Wanlou was struggling...

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