1162 – Divine Sword Frosty Moonlight (2)

Chapter 1162 – Divine Sword Frosty Moonlight (2)

The world trembled for a moment. 

The golden palm pressed down directly toward the mansion that Ye Qingyu was in. 

If it really landed, the entire military mansion and Ye Qingyu would probably be turned into dust and ruins, instantly erased from this Royal City. 

“Such impatience.” 

Ye Qingyu gently placed the wine cup in his hand down on a tile beside him. 

As a mocking expression emerged at the corner of his lips, he raised his hand and straightened a finger into a sword which he shot up toward the firmament. 

A dazzling sword will instantly cut across the void.

Like divine light, the tip of the sword pierced into the golden palm. 

After the powerful...

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