1160 - Come Find Me in Three Days to Accept Your Punishment

Chapter 1160 - Come Find Me in Three Days to Accept Your Punishment

"Based on what I've heard, I learned that the matchless figure who ultimately Dao-dissolved was the true protector of this world and he had almost united the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm and established a powerful dynasty. The top experts of the various races were his followers and this matchless figure had wanted to put an end to the endless fighting and chaos amongst the various races and wanted to put a stop to all wars and infighting. He had almost achieved his goal but someone betrayed him at the crucial moment and the ancestors of the various races managed to travel across space and time to come to this era and ambush this matchless figure. In the end, his dynasty fell..." Marquis Tingtao continued to describe the scene in detail.

He had seen the truth and saw that it had been a horrifying massacre caused by someone's betrayal. The matchless figure who had great foresight was forced to Dao-dissolve and this ended the peace and prosperity that he had been trying to bring into this world. During his reign, the Invaders had been defeated countless times and this great leader even came up with a plan to counter the Invader's attack, but unfortunately, these...

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