1159 - More Serious Than Expected

Chapter 1159 - More Serious Than Expected

The Sinners were innocent!

These four words caused Ye Qingyu's heart to beat wildly.

He hadn't met any Sinners since he entered the Dark Realm, but he knew that the sinner's blood flowed within him. Based on those words, he would even be considered a demon amongst the sinners and would be named the worst sinner of all.

The 'Sinners' were almost a taboo topic within the Dark Realm.

They were charged with the toughest part of the resistance against the Invaders and were the lowest social class in the Dark Realm. They were considered to be even worse than the Alien Dark Ones and they were born to be war machines; the only reason for their existence was to fight. They would use their lives, their blood and bones to defend this world from danger.

Since ancient times, it was determined that the Sinners' ancestors had committed a huge, unforgivable crime, and the ancient wise men of the other races joined forces to leave a generational curse within their bodies. They would never be forgiven and they would have to pay for their crimes with their lives, generation after generation.

As for the Guardians' camp, they could enjoy the peaceful days that came at the cost of the Sinners' lives.

If anyone within the Dark...

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