1153 - News of Little Nine

Chapter 1153 - News of Little Nine 

The Green Cloud Restaurant was a rather popular restaurant within the Central City of the Royal City.

This restaurant was backed by the military and had a history that spanned several thousand years. Most of the restaurant's customers were from the military and because there wasn't much military action to be seen at Royal City, most of these military men were relatively idle. When they weren't on duty, they would often visit the restaurant.

As dusk fell.

Several military officers came to the restaurant only to hear that someone had reserved the entire restaurant that night, so they would not serve any customers.

This was a regular occurrence as well.

Whenever the upper echelons of the military had a gathering, they would usually book out the entire restaurant.

Obviously, many military officers who had come looking forward to having a good meal would still grumble when they heard the news.

"Damn it, who is the arrogant prick this time who booked out the entire restaurant?"

"It can't be some minor nobleman from the countryside, right?"

"The Green Cloud Restaurant has been fully booked almost every day. Is this still a place catering to the military? I want to see who has booked the entire place today..."


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