1151 - He Finally Arrived

Chapter 1151 - He Finally Arrived


The whole street seemed to be stunned into stillness, like a picture frozen in time.

A bone-chilling iciness circulated in the void.

Clack clack clack... Wei Heng's teeth chattered.

He felt as though all his energy had been sapped from his body and he couldn't even grip the iron whip in his hand. He was so terrified that he lost his ability to think logically; he was probably wishing that he had never shown up that day.

Hundreds of Demon Dragon-armored soldiers that surrounded the carriage were frozen on the spot.

They were all elite soldiers who had fought on the battlefield. They had seen blood, corpses and spilled blood in warfare, having witnessed countless gruesome and intense battles. All of their experiences resulted in them carrying a steely evil qi that ordinary martial artists lacked, and they would never hesitate even if they encountered immense dangers and difficulties. Yet, they were now so terrified that they found it difficult to breathe and couldn't even reach for their swords.

The atmosphere was quiet and deadly still.

Time seemed to have stopped.

A long while later.

"Are you a swordsman violating the...

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