1149 - Finally Admitting Defeat?

Chapter 1149 Finally Admitting Defeat?


The King of Zhenyuan's estate had always been famous for being overbearing in the Royal City of the Guardians. Even though the King currently was indeed a figure of core importance and held great power, he had offended many people over the years. Ordinarily, his enemies were afraid to speak out, but all of them felt incredibly at ease when they heard that such an incident had happened to one of his people.

Naturally, his nemeses were more than happy to spread the news around.

Wei Heng was one of the people who was in charge of managing external affairs of the King's estate. It was said that he was one of the most handy and trusted managers of the King's favorite daughter, and no one could restrain his arrogance and pushiness in the Royal City. He had been beaten up by a mysterious man so badly that only his head was left, and rumor had it that he needed the help of a female official from the King of Zhenyuan's estate to regenerate his body. This incident was a huge blow and challenge to the fame and reputation of the King of Zhenyuan's estate. There was a saying in Mandarin that warned one to be wary of a dog's master when one wanted to beat it. Wei Heng behaved like a rabid dog of the King's estate everyday, and no one dared to offend him on account of the influential King...

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