1148 - Simply Too Incredible

Chapter 1148 Simply Too Incredible


"Reason? Do I look like the kind who would reason with you?" Ye Qingyu asked as he lifted his leg again, shattering the other leg of the vile slave with another crack. Blood flowed out of the fracture, and he wiped the blood from his feet on the slave's clothes. "Why the fuck are you talking about reasoning with me, when you're not reasonable yourself?" he said.

"Ah... don't, don't... I was wrong..." the triangular-faced vile slave cried and began to beg.

He was no fool and had already realized that today was not going to be his day. He had met someone more vicious than him, and he was no match for this man. If he did not beg for his life, he was afraid that this barbarian would really kill him.

"Wrong? Where were you wrong?" Ye Qingyu asked as he lowered his head to scrutinize the man.

"Ah?" the evil slave was at a loss now. He had already admitted his mistake, so why did he still have to say what he did wrong? This...why can't he just let me off after I've admitted my mistake? He's not going according to the rules of the game.

Ye Qingyu instantly turned furious upon seeing that the slave was hesitant.

"Ah what? Didn't you say that you admit you were wrong?" Demon King Ye was displaying the demonic side of him that was revealed some time ago, at the Road of Chaos. He grew increasingly mad as he spoke and raised his foot to stomp another few ribs of the slave to bits.

"Ahhh, spare me, I'm in the wrong, I was really wrong..." the triangular-faced vile slave howled...

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