1147 - An Evil Person Needs to Be Dealt with by Another Evil Person

Chapter 1147 An Evil Person Needs to Be Dealt with by Another Evil Person


It was unheard of for a slave to threaten the daughter of a marquis in the Vast Thousand Domains. In fact, no one would believe such a story. However, such an incident was happening in a crowded bazaar at the Royal City of the Guardians. Under so many watchful gazes, the arrogance and impudence of the wretched slave had reached an unbelievable level.

"You wretched slave... sob!"

The young, round-faced maid pointed at the evil slave instinctively, but the teenage girl in red hurriedly covered the maid's mouth with her hand. The maid looked quizzically at her young mistress, and the latter shook her head to signal the dimwitted and unworldly young girl to keep quiet.

"You're merely a house slave and needn't worry about the matters of the Marquis Tao's residence. Do you think you actually represent the King of Zhenyuan?" the teenage girl in red was evidently furious, but she controlled herself and still attempted to reason with the evil slave. "You, however, are bullying others during the Wanyi Bazaar Festival in the name of the King of Zhenyuan. If he knew you were doing this, he would skin you alive."

"Hahaha, you ignorant woman. I don't think you'll have to wait long to be sent...

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