1144 - A Prelude to a Legend

Chapter 1144 - A Prelude to a Legend


The Royal City of the Guardians was not an actual city.

It was the collective name of the Dark Realm's core residential area.

This area sprawled on for millions of kilometers and it was a great basin that was surrounded by shattered peaks. From above, these shattered peaks naturally formed a huge city wall and this was how it came to be known as the Royal City. The Guardians' camp decided to capitalize on this natural barrier and built garrisons there and many intellectual races lived within the city. A large majority of them were Alien Dark Ones and they were considered to be very lowly. They toiled as hard as oxen to serve the lofty Guardians.

After journeying for three days and nights, the airship finally arrived at the outskirts of the Royal City.

There was a multitude of dark beasts that lived outside the natural mountainous city walls and the area outside the Royal City was a primitive, barren, and terrifying wasteland.

As they headed toward the Royal City, Ye Qingyu observed that there was a huge population of dark beasts and they were made up of a variety of complex species, as many as the stars in the sky. They were primitive, brutal and even more terrifying than the Guardians'...

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