1142 - Sitting on a Goldmine Without Realizing It

Chapter 1142 - Sitting on a Goldmine Without Realizing It


Ye Qingyu returned to surface and looked for the village chief of Northern Wall Village.

"Ah, my lord, you've. returned? That's great news," the village chief was surprised to see Ye Qingyu and said hesitantly, "I was so worried when you disappeared for more than twenty days after entering the crypt. These damn electric slaves seriously deserved death for creating such a big mess. Don't worry, I've already locked all these cursed people up and they will be publicly executed this afternoon."

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly.

He figured out why the crypt was in such a state.

"Release them all," he said.

The village chief was stunned and immediately realized that he had wrongly predicted Ye Qingyu's reaction. He tried to justify his actions and hurriedly said, "My lord, these lowly electric slaves are in the wrong and almost put you in a dangerous predicament. If I let them go now, I'm afraid that I'll face opposition from the other lords in the city, I..."

Ye Qingyu could not be bothered to listen to this village chief's explanation and said, "Tell them to come to me if they have any objections... Let the electric slaves go now and tell your men to prepare some food. The electric slaves... the electric workers will need to rest and recuperate. I have an important mission for them to accomplish."

"Sure sure sure," the village chief stopped trying to explain himself.

The city guards rushed over at the first instance when they received word that their City Lord had returned. A while later, several noblemen from the city and Eleven who was masquerading...

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