1141 - A Marvelous World

Chapter 1141 - A Marvelous World


"From this day on, you'll be able to move freely around this ship, since I have struck an agreement with [The Beginning], a spirit that controls this ship. I've also appointed you to be my representative and you may retrieve unending support and resources from this divine palace," Ye Qingyu said as he stroked the white metal door. He was still in shock when he recalled the agreement he had struck with the elderly man known as [The Beginning] and the information he had obtained.

"Really? Ah, I must be dreaming. This is fantastic news..." Li Qing was so excited that tears were brimming in his eyes.

Ye Qingyu's words were like music to his ears since it had been his grandfather's greatest dream to return to this divine palace and now, not only had he fulfilled his grandfather's wish, he even gained full access to this divine palace and obtained the treasures within it. If he could draw on the power of the past civilization on Earth, he would be able to invent many things that could change the lowly status and living conditions of his fellow men.

Ye Qingyu looked at this intelligent black-haired Dark One and said, "Of course it is true. However, you should know what you ought to be doing with the power and weapons within this ship... do you understand me?"

According to the language that this ancient civilization had used, Li Qing and his grandfather would be considered 'scientists', since the power that this ancient civilization ran on was known as 'science', so those who mastered this power were known as 'scientists'. Science was akin to the laws of the universe of the formation martial way. The job scope and techniques used by 'scientists' were very similar to what the alchemists did in the formation martial world. However, the power and knowledge that these 'scientists' possessed were far more profound and abundant as compared to the alchemists of the formation martial world.

He had spent the past few days watching the tremendous amount of information contained within the neutron hard disks that [The Beginning] had given him. Although he had yet to completely understand the civilization on Earth, he had already formed a general idea of what it was like.

He was astounded by what he had seen, especially with regards to the height of development on Earth. It showed him that there was another way besides the formation martial way and civilization had once controlled the destinies of countless other intellectual lifeforms.

He was shocked and astounded, but this didn't mean that he would stop what he was doing to attempt employing the methods used on Earth's civilization.

The greatest benefit he reaped was that this had been a true eye-opener. He had once either had a vague idea of what the world was like or assumed that it was monotonous and unchanging, but now...

Ye Qingyu would test his theories out.

He wanted to see if the world would turn out as the civilization on Earth had turned out to be after it was destroyed and reborn.

Li Qing thought for a moment before saying, "My Lord, I only want to increase the status of my fellow men and improve their living conditions, so I will make use of the technologies and weapons here to make sure that my fellow men have food and clothes. I will definitely not instigate or make use of them to overthrow the Guardians' government, nor would I use them to stir up trouble and controversy."

Ye Qingyu nodded and said with a smile, "You're half correct. You shouldn't create troubles nor stir up unrest, but as for the Guardians' government, it wouldn't be so bad to overthrow them if they are wicked..."

"Ah?" Li Qing's jaw dropped.

Ye Qingyu's expression turned grave as he said seriously, "Did you think that I'd definitely take their side just because I'm from the Guardians' camp? You're wrong. The Guardians are people but so are the Alien Dark Ones and even Sinners are considered people. Remember my words, everyone is equal to me."

Li Qing looked contemplative, but there were still traces of doubt in his eyes.

"Forget it, you wouldn't understand even if I explained further," Ye Qingyu said with a shake of his head. Based on what he saw happening on Earth, most of the highly intelligent 'scientists' tended to have very little awareness about the ways of the world and lacked basic general knowledge. Li Qing was probably like one of those 'scientists'.

Ye Qingyu looked at him and said, "[The Beginning] who resides within this divine palace will tell you what to do next. All you need is to follow his instructions. From this day on, if you obey his commands, you'll be able to fulfil your dreams and this would not conflict with the plans I have in mind."

"I will," Li Qing said, feeling more reassured.

This meant that he didn't need to spend time thinking about anything else and could wholly focus on deciphering the hidden secrets of the Earth's civilization.

Ye Qingyu had already gone through his plans with [The Beginning], so he did not need to worry about that.

"Go on in. [The Beginning] will let you know the plan," he said.

"Many thanks," Li Qing said. He reined in his excitement and bowed at Ye Qingyu. Then, he turned and ran toward the corridor behind the white metal door. He had only taken a few steps when a ray of milky white splendor flickered and enveloped his body, then whisked him away.

Ye Qingyu chuckled and he was in good spirits.

"It is time to leave. I don't need to worry about this place since the ark has been fully activated. It is full of energy after absorbing and accumulating geothermal energy for millions of years and besides, it is one of the sparks left behind by a top civilization, so its resources are beyond imagination. With a universal-level optical computer like [The Beginning] keeping an eye on things, even if a Martial Emperor appeared, he would not be able to completely annihilate everything...

In other words, the Luoshen Ridge could become one of his base camps.

It wouldn't take long before significant qualitative changes would happen in the unknown Central City that was located by the fringes. The power of technology would burst from this unknown land and would evolve into a new and terrifying power. It would probably be too late to stop the rise of Luoshen Ridge by the time the various forces of the Dark Realm took note of this power.

"I didn't expect that the elderly man was not a living creature, but something that had been created, without any combat power at all. No wonder I couldn't sense any energy waves nor detect signs of life on him."

He walked along the corridor he had come from and headed to the exit of this ark.

At the same time.

The elderly man looked thrilled as he danced for joy around the control center of the ark.

"The test results are finally out. Ha ha, I knew it. This kid is indeed from the Human species and there's no difference between him and humans that walked the ancient civilization on Earth. The amazing data points are probably a result of the formation martial way that he is cultivating. This is truly astounding. I didn't expect the development strategy that was rejected by the Federation to gain such traction in the eleventh era of the sun, and for it to have developed to this stage. That kid said he was at the Quasi-emperor realm; his combat strength is comparable to a nebula-level warship..."

[The Beginning] exclaimed in amazement.

"He he, if this is the case, then the kid known as Ye Qingyu would be the true owner of this ark from now on. Hahaha, it can't be helped since he was the first human who passed the evaluation tests of the Gate of Good Fortune. He he, the revival of the Earth's civilization would rest on his shoulders in the future... Sigh, it is such a pity that I'm merely an optical computer and that I'm programmed to select a master," the elderly man muttered to himself as he keyed in the test results into the command system of the ark.

He fiddled around with the system and carefully placed a drop of Ye Qingyu's blood and a strand of his hair into the heart of the ark.

"Verification complete," a cold mechanical voice sounded.

Significant changes took place throughout the entire ark.

This monstrous weapon of war that had been buried underground for millions of years had now been completely reactivated. Many system processes that were in hibernation mode for the past millions of years, and several parts that had never been operated silently started to move. The motionless robots and cyborgs that were in the hibernation chamber were all awakened from their slumber.

It only took slightly longer than ten minutes for the robot army that numbered at least ten thousand to be reactivated.

"He he, this day has finally come... Let me change into a new body before I formally start.." [The Beginning] mused thoughtfully.

Then, he issued a sequence of commands.

Soon, a milky white splendor flickered.

A superalloy body appeared in front of [The Beginning] in liquid form and this body met the standards of what was considered a perfect body in the Earth's civilization. It was an exceedingly handsome black-haired young man, with features so striking that it almost seemed too good to be true.

"Hehe, this is the ultimate machine armor that has been kept hidden for millions of years and just as I thought, it is perfect. Haha, this armor is finally mine. Hahaha, the love for beauty is part of human nature. I want to become younger and I'm sure the kid will be stunned when he sees me next time," [The Beginning] said as he beamed brightly.

Then, he turned into a wisp of white data torrent and surged into the superalloy body. The eyes of the machine armor glowed blood red before reverting to normal.

The machine armor slowly stretched its arms.

"Hmm, it really feels great having a body like this," [The Beginning] said.

It only took a few moments to get used to the body before the syncing was complete.

This was when the extremely excited Li Qing was teleported to the central command center.

Northern Wall Village.

The place had completely changed by the time he returned to the crypt.

Over a hundred electric slaves had disappeared and the underground generators had all been destroyed while the wires were all cut. As he walked out of the crypt toward the exit, he saw that many places had been sealed off. This place seemed to have been sealed off for at least two weeks since the ground was full of dust.

"What's going on?"

Ye Qingyu was a little surprised.

It had only been twenty days since he disappeared, so how did things change so quickly?

He went to Li Qing's secret chamber.

Thankfully, the secret chamber that contained many weapons of the Earth's civilization had not been discovered, but this place was completely empty. He didn't see a single electric slave anywhere and because the electricity had stopped running, it was extremely hot and stuffy inside the secret chamber; it felt like a giant oven. There was some dust on the ground which meant that it had been a while since someone last placed a foot inside.

As he walked around, he discovered that the electric systems of the crypt were all destroyed.

What happened here? 

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