1137 - A White Warship

Chapter 1137 - A White Warship


Ever since he found out about the Dark Realm's origins, he had always wondered why the ancient Great Emperors spent so much effort in seizing the shards of destroyed worlds from the space torrent to form the Dark Realm. The reason couldn't be as simple as trying to create a buffer zone, since there were simpler techniques that didn't require that much effort.

During this period, Ye Qingyu's focus had always been on the civilization relics that could be found on these fragments of destroyed worlds.

He wanted to validate his hypothesis.

The electricity generated on Earth's civilization was clearly a relic from that civilization. He had initially wanted to gain more understanding about the power of this electricity and the ways that it could be used, but after witnessing it for himself, he grew more curious about the civilization on Earth.

When he heard Li Qing mention the Earth's underground divine palace and learned that it was in perfect condition, he immediately realized that the true power of the civilization on Earth might just be found within it; this could also be the true value of the Earth Province.

"Do you know where this underground divine palace is located?" Ye Qingyu asked.

Li Qing shook his head and replied, "The earth fissure caused by the earthquake from back then has disappeared. After my grandfather emerged from that place, he tried many times to find the divine palace but to no avail."

Ye Qingyu felt a little disappointed by his words.

Li Qing said, "After my grandfather returned, he brought several items from the divine palace with him. Would you be interested in having a look?"

"Sure, lead the way."

"This way, please."

Li Qing brought him to a stone wall, located in the depths of a crypt.

He looked at the stone wall in confusion.

He couldn't sense any martial or formation auras from it.

However, Li Qing walked up to the wall and pressed on several rocks that protruded from the stone wall. Then, there was a hissing sound—and a silver framed door appeared, which slowly opened.

Ye Qingyu was stunned.

How did he fail to notice the mechanism on the stone wall, despite his sharp vision?

"My lord, this way please," Li Qing said as he led the way.

Ye Qingyu followed his lead.

There was a hidden underground chamber behind the door.

This was a hidden area that even the village chief did not know about, with more than one thousand three hundred square meters in size; it was much cooler than the temperature outside. There were many strange metallic objects circulating within it, and there were several dozen metallic box-shaped bellows that hung on the walls of this chamber. There were vents all over the surface of these bellows and they blew out cold air through those vents.

Ye Qingyu looked closer and realized that there wasn't any ice formations on these bellows, but they operated in the same manner as the ice formations meant to decrease temperature.

These bellows clearly ran on electricity.

There were many metallic appliances all over this chamber, of varying colors, sizes and shapes. There was a large electric lamp hanging from the ceiling, making the entire chamber seem as bright as day, dying the chamber with dreamy colors that were rarely seen in the outside world.

These electric slaves were truly hiding a secret.

If he hadn't used his mysterious mind technique to let them accept him as one of their own, Li Qing would never have brought him to this secret location.

"My Lord, everything here was constructed based on my grandfather's knowledge of the underground divine palace that was part of the Earth's civilization, but it barely scratches the surface of the profound mysteries within it. My grandfather built this place after he returned to the village from the divine palace, and there was a time when the Li family were the true Guardians of the Northern Wall Village. Unfortunately, my grandfather stepped on the toes of a nobleman in the city..." Li Qing said regretfully.

He took out an oddly shaped item from a metallic box and said, "My Lord, this thing is known as a 'gun' on Earth but it is not the same as the 'spear' we are familiar with. Instead, this gun operates more like a bow and arrow, but it is more powerful than the strongest bow and arrow in this world. Let me demonstrate."

Then, he held the 'gun' in both hands, pointing at a stone wall that was riddled with holes and fiddled around with the gun.


There was a sound that sounded like a flash of sword light.

A dark blue light exploded from the mouth of the gun, moving so quickly that it was as fast as the speed of light.

Then, a hole appeared on the stone wall.

The holes that riddled this stone wall must have been caused during the testing of these guns.

Ye Qingyu was suddenly shocked.

He sensed that the dark blue flowing light that exploded from Li Qing's gun was extremely powerful, being comparable to the strength of a Saint. It moved quickly but did not cause any yuan qi energy waves when it was fired. It operated with terrifying stealth, immediately creating a hole that was at least a hundred meters deep in the stone wall.

This stone wall was an underground rock and it was as hard as iron, yet this gun managed to fire a hole through it in one shot. This gun's power was truly astounding.

More importantly, this 'gun' was much easier to operate than electricity.

Ye Qingyu held that gun in his hand and examined it carefully. Li Qing explained how to use the gun and he managed to figure out how to operate it. After he heard about the firing frequency and power of this weapon, he became more excited.

He attempted to fire a few rounds at the stone wall.

"You should be able to fire once every three breaths and every shot is equally powerful. Anyone can use it, even those without any martial cultivation, or mentally challenged. Even a six- or seven-year-old child would be able to wield this weapon after some simple training. The only difference in their ability to wield the weapon lies in the accuracy of their shots."

An idea formed in Ye Qingyu's mind.

Clearly, if an ordinary mortal like Li Qing was up against a true martial artist, he wouldn't have a chance to fire his weapon or even hit his target... This was probably why Li Qing and the others were unable to change their fate despite having such a powerful weapon in their hands. Li Qing mentioned earlier that his grandfather had clashed with a nobleman from Central City and this nobleman was likely a yuan qi martial expert. Unfortunately, he lost the battle and was forced to study and store these weapons in secret.

Ultimately, the formation martial way was easily able to crush an ordinary mortal.

However, he had a different idea.

If this gun was not in the hands of mere mortals, but was wielded by highly-skilled experts, the power of this gun would be significantly magnified by a hundred-fold, or even a thousand-fold.

Then, Li Qing showed him various other weapons.

It was an eye-opener for Ye Qingyu.

The weapons stored in this chamber were indeed terrifying.

"Did your grandfather obtain all these weapons from the underground divine palace?" he asked.

"Some of these weapons were taken from the divine palace, but most of these weapons are the replicas that his descendants have worked hard to create. Many of the relics from Earth came with instruction manuals, and my grandfather had also taken several such manuals with him, forming an understanding of that civilization after he studied those manuals," Li Qing replied.

"Are you able to understand the script used on Earth?" Ye Qingyu asked.

Li Qing nodded and said, "My grandfather spent his life deciphering the written script used on Earth and thereafter, the following generations of the Li family had also spent time analyzing the script. So, when it came to my generation, we had already mastered it..."

Ye Qingyu nodded and said, "Please show me a relic that your grandfather obtained from the divine palace."

Li Qing didn't understand what Ye Qingyu was trying to do but he quickly brought over a small and exquisite gun.

"This is known as a handgun," he said.

Ye Qingyu nodded and injected a wisp of his divine sense into this handgun. Then, he exerted his Emperor Detection Technique and used this handgun as a conduit to deduce where the divine palace might be. The more he saw how unique the artifacts within this secret chamber were, the more he wanted to explore the underground divine palace of the civilization on Earth.

Moments later—

Several frames appeared in his mind.

"I've found it."

He was elated.

Since Li Qing's grandfather had stumbled upon this underground divine palace, it meant that this divine palace was not far from Central City and the Luoshen Ridge, so it wasn't difficult to deduce its plausible location. He soon sensed where the divine palace might be and just as he guessed, it was near the Luoshen Ridge.

"Would you like to head to the divine palace and take a look?" Ye Qingyu asked Li Qing.

"Do you mean..." Li Qing's voice quivered. He obviously wanted to go. This was not only the Li family's dream, but it was also something that he had longed for personally. He had already finished studying the items that his grandfather had left behind, but the more he studied these artifacts, it only fuelled his desire to know more about that civilization and to obtain more of the relics that could be found within it.

"Let's go."

Ye Qingyu's figure flashed and he disappeared.

A ray of light enveloped Li Qing and his figure also disappeared from the spot.

Ye Qingyu was so powerful that tunneling through the ground was not an issue for him.

He tunneled through the ground with Li Qing as easily as a fish swimming in the ocean and only took a few breaths to find the location of the underground divine palace.

"We're here."

Ye Qingyu stopped.

Li Qing finally came back to his senses.

He instinctively looked up and saw that they were in a strange pitch-black space, but rays of cold blue light circulated around them as though an invisible paint brush was drawing something in the void. It was odd and peculiar; through this dark cold blue light, he could vaguely make out the shape of something that was big and white in the void.

"This is..." Li Qing started to shake in excitement.

He muttered, 'Yes, this is it... this is exactly how my grandfather described it. This is the scene which he saw before he entered the divine palace... We... really found it. My god!"

Ye Qingyu was also slightly stunned.

He could see in the dark, so he didn't need to rely on the circulating cold light to see what the so-called underground divine palace looked like.

It was an extremely large and white metal airship.

"It looks like a warship," he said.

However, this divine palace was much more beautiful, when compared to the warships used by those who lived in the formation martial way civilization. It had a streamlined body and was made from an unknown metal, while the dark blue cold light that circulated along its body did not carry any formation energy, but it contained terrifying energy all the same.

"Why can't my divine sense penetrate the body of this warship to see what's inside? Interesting, this metal warship must be powerful."

Ye QIngyu led Li Qing toward the metal warship.

Soon, they had arrived in front of it.


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