1135 - Electric slaves

Chapter 1135 – Electric slaves


In a secret room in the Central City. 

“Everything went as teacher expected.” Ye Qingyu returned to a hidden chamber with a smile on his face, “Nie Tiankong seems to have the intention of recruiting me, I believe it will not be long before I can go to the Guardian imperial city.

“That's good, Nie Tiankong could be considered to have some background in the Guardian imperial city. You have performed exceptional meritorious service and will certainly be promoted. You have entered his vision. He will certainly put you into an important position. This time, you really have succeeded by a lucky stroke and opened up a road.” 

A milky white illusory figure that floated in the air spoke. 

Upon a careful look, this figure was slim and beautiful, and the body proportion was perfect. Her face was exquisitely flawless, like the queen of goddesses. It was the female Sword Immortal Wang Jianru. 

It was just that her present state seemed a little strange. She had lost her physical body, and was in a very strange state. Even her aura had completely changed.  

Ye Qingyu, after a thought, asked, “Is there anything you want to investigate in the Guardian imperial city? In addition to investigating the traitor.” 

Wang Jianru's illusory figure shook her head, saying, “No, just observe what you see with your own eyes to understand the whole Guardian camp. I am not ordering you to carry out any task, nor is this what Song Xiaojun wants you to do, I just hope that you can see the truth of the world more clearly at the heart of the Guardian camp.” 

Ye Qingyu nodded.  

“I understand. Nie Tiankong has already reported to the Guardian imperial city via his own channel. I believe an official reply will soon come. At that time, he will first head to the Guardian imperial city. When his plot has succeeded he will then help me fight for a position in the imperial city. I will be waiting at Luoshen Ridge for about two or three months. During this time I will take the opportunity to grasp everything about Zhang Longcheng, including his interests, skills, traits and characteristics. It really is not easy to play the role of an old monster who has lived on the world for nearly thousands of years.” 

Ye Qingyu said with a smile. 

“Well, it's hard, but it shouldn't be a problem for you. I remember that you have a photographic memory.” Wang Jianru smiled, and then added after a pause, “but you also must be careful, there are great dangers in the Guardian imperial city, even for a true martial arts Emperor. If your real identity is exposed, then you will be in more danger than I am today.”  

Ye Qingyu nodded. “I understand this.”

Wang Jianru all of a sudden looked hesitant, “If you change your mind now, it isn't too late.” 

Ye Qingyu shook his head, “This is my choice.” 

It was indeed his choice after careful deliberations. In particular, after discovering the suspicious points regarding the medal of nobility, he even more wanted to go to the Guardian Imperial city to clarify everything. 

After a pause, Ye Qingyu changed the subject,” By the way, teacher when are you going to return to the Unmoving City of Darkness?” 

Now that everybody thought that Wang Jianru was dead, and the wanted arrest was cancelled. Moreover, after Wang Jianru's sword body reached nirvana, her [Nine Revolutions Sword Body] had successfully advanced to the eighth level, and her strength had increased once again as a result. It was as though she has had a makeover, and even her aura had changed. There shouldn’t be too much obstruction on her return to the Unmoving City of Darkness this time.  

“When the sword body is completely reconstructed, I will return.” Wang Jianru stated. When she entered into the eighth stage of the [Nine Revolutions Sword Body], her previous physical shell had become useless. This was similar to the reincarnation of the Chaos Demon Emperor. With each reincarnation, the body would change like a snake shedding its skin. This was the real reason why they had a real head and body to hand to Nie Tiankong. 

These were all part of Wang Jianru's plans.

Now, Wang Jianru was in the process of reconstructing the sword body. In about another dozens of days, the illusory silver body will completely reconstruct into a new perfect shell, and it was at that time that she could finally leave. 



Over the next few days, everything went well. 

The entire Luoshen Ridge had been completely restored to its former condition.  

Nie Tiankong had finally received a reply from the Guardian Imperial city. His contribution was acknowledged, and his heart finally could return completely into his stomach, because the credit of killing Wang Jianru could be said to have completely fallen upon him. Now that he had received the official record, no matter what means other people use, it was impossible to snatch it away. 

Nie Tiankong, who had completely regarded Ye Qingyu as a trusted aide, after a discussion with Ye Qingyu, anxiously set foot back to the Guardian imperial city.

Next, what Ye Qingyu needed to do was to wait. 

During this period, he read the memory of all the people close to Zhang Longcheng in the City Lord's residence through some secret laws, and carefully sorted out all of the social and work habits of Zhang Longcehng, and carefully analyzed them

Since he was going to play this role, he naturally had to play it well. 

And the role the old servant Eleven played was the role of the Young City Lord. 

Through Ye Qingyu's suggestions, the Young City Lord gradually moved up the ranks and some news began to circulate in the Central City. Many people gradually became aware that Zhang Longcheng had become acquainted with an important person of the Guardian imperial city and would most likely serve at the Guardian imperial city soon, which meant that the Young City Lord becoming City Lord was put on the agenda and will soon be achieved. 

The aristocracy in the Dark Realm can be hereditary. 

In particular, it had always been the case for the officials in the Central City of the Luoshen Ridge. It was normal for a son to inherit a father's role, so no one was suspicious of this at all. 

The only thing that many people were surprised at was that, the arrogant and incompetent Young City Lord before, after being scolded by the City Lord a few times, had unexpectedly slowly corrected his behaviour and really began to show a keen interest in government affairs, as well as some intelligence. 

As for the transformation and protection of the Luoshen Ridge, a different method was used. 

At the beginning, Ye Qingyu directly pushed for drastic changes through the use of violence and simple and cruel methods. Through this method of breaking and establishing he had hoped to change Luoshen Ridge to be like the Vast Thousand Domains, and that the black-haired Dark Ones would fall into the category of citizens. This was because, firstly he lacked time, and secondly he had no choice since it was a change from the bottom to the top. 

But now that his identity has changed, a relatively modest approach had to be adopted instead.

Of course, Ye Qingyu handed these matters over for Eleven to deal with. 

One month passed by in the blink of an eye.  

There was still no news from Nie Tiankong. 

But Ye Qingyu was not in a hurry. 

His preparation had long been completed. After a thought, he, along with a few others, headed for the large villages of the black-haired Dark Ones outside of the Central City. He wanted to see the so-called lights that did not require oil and firewood that Zhen Wanting had mentioned to him before. 

Ye Qingyu had always felt that, in the Earth Province, hid the secret of a civilization. Perhaps the mystery of the destruction and reincarnation of civilization would be revealed.


Northern Wall Village. 

This was one of the largest villages around the Luoshen Ridge, and compared to Bitter Hill Village, which was in the border zone, it was slightly more populous and affluent, but still was only barely able to maintain enough food and warm clothing for the people. 

As the City Lord, Ye Qingyu's arrival caused a stir.

And after learning that the City Lord wanted to see the so-called electric light, the village chief of the Northern Wall Village hurriedly led Ye Qingyu to the several stone halls in the village center. 

“Just press this mechanism and the light will light up.” The village chief cautiously demonstrated, “Lord, please watch.” 

Ye Qingyu watched him press a finger-sized button, and after a loud snap, the originally slightly dim stone hall was suddenly bright as day. The three or four glass items hanging overhead were emitting a milky white light, illuminating the entire stone hall. 


Ye Qingyu was inwardly astonished. 

This kind of electric light was somewhat similar to the formation lamps of the martial arts world. The effect was also similar, but Ye Qingyu did not feel the slightest trace of martial arts energy from this glass lamp. It was obviously not an error he made, but there was another reason.

Could there be a new type of energy in this electric light? 

He lifted his hand, sending a force out that directly took down the electric lamp hanging above. He wanted to carefully observe its mystery. Who would have thought that, after a loud snap, the light instantly extinguished, and a cluster of sparks came from above the main hall. 

“Lord, be careful...” The village chief panicked, “When the lamp is taken off, it cannot shine, and it’s dangerous.”

“Oh?” Ye Qingyu looked at him.

Although the village chief of the Northern Wall Village was a black-haired Dark One, it was clear that his status was much higher than that of ordinary Dark Ones. Adding to this, because of the proximity to the Central City and his relations with some of the aristocrats in the Central City, in a way, he was regarded as a class between the Guardian aristocracy and the ordinary Dark Ones. Generally speaking, he played the role of spokesperson for some aristocrats among the Dark Ones.  

“The electric light must be connected to a wire in order to shine,” the village chief smiled, pointing to the black fine lines above the hall. “The wires contain a very terrifying force, not only can it let the light shine, but it also can kill living beings.” 

Ye Qingyu thoughtfully nodded. 

With a flash, he came to the wires above the hall to grab one of them. 

“No, Lord, be careful...”  The village chief was horrified. He had witnessed someone killed directly by a wire, and was worried that an accident would happen to the City Lord.

Ye Qingyu simply ignored him.

Reaching his hand out to hold the wire, there was instantly a bizarre force invading his body, which was incredibly similar to the power of lightning and thunder. However, it was different to some extent. This degree of strength was barely comparable to the power of a Heaven Ascension expert, how can it hurt Ye Qingyu?

After perceiving the power inside the wire, Ye Qnigyu was slightly disappointed. 

“Where does the power in the wires come from?” Ye Qingyu returned to the ground and asked casually.

“This... this...” The village chief stuttered.

Ye Qingyu looked at him and grunted, “Hmm?” 

The village chief was so frightened that he dropped to his knees and cried, “Lord, please calm down. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I... I don’t understand either... These things are designed by the electric slaves in the village. I... I don't understand it at all.” 

“Electric slaves?” Ye Qingyu’s curiosity was further piqued. “Where are they now? Let’s go take a look.”——


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