1134 - The situation that overturns the world (2)

Chapter 1134 – The situation that overturns the world (2)


In the moment of waking up, after a short period of confusion, Nie Tiankong almost jumped up. He instinctively increased his vigilance, and instantaneously operated qi to shroud his whole body. A terrifying power began to surge, which almost lifted the entire stone hall.  

“Lord, are you awake?” It was a somewhat familiar voice.

“It's you?” Nie Tiankong instantly remembered all of the things that had happened before. Staring at this familiar face in front of him, he remembered that this man was the City Lord of the Central City of Luoshen Ridge, Zhang Longcheng. As he came to realize what had happened, he breathed a slight sigh of relief, but remained vigilant, asking, “Where am I? After that... what happened?” 

“Doesn’t Lord remember?” Ye Qingyu replied, “You fought against three great Quasi-emperors, and was exhausted in the end and passed out in the Demonic Stone Forest. It was I who brought Lord back, you have been unconscious for a full ten days and ten nights.” 

“What?” Nie Tiankong exclaimed. “Such a long period of time...”

He first examined his body, and fortunately, in addition to being a little weak, there was no other abnormalities or injuries. He was also very clear about the reason for this weakness. In order to activate the [Air Destroying Blood Axe], he had burned a large amount of life yuan. Therefore it would take a certain amount of time for him to fully recover.

“Lord, rest assured that everything is fine.” Ye Qingyu, in the face of Zhang Longcheng, acted very enthusiastic, but also very respectful. 

Nie Tiankong nodded, and then all of a sudden asked, “At the end of that battle... Wang Jianru ran away?” 

Ye Qingyu smiled, shaking his head, “No, she was seriously injured. Having been chased for a long period of time she had consumed too much of her origin source strength, and was powerless and weak. She attempted to escape, but I intercepted and killed her.”

“What?” Nie Tiankong was stunned when he heard this. “Already killed... she... you killed her... good... very good...”  

He was a little bitter inwardly. It seemed that what he had done was just making a wedding dress for others. He had risked his life to defeat six great Quasi-emperors and then passed out in the end, but this Zhang Longcheng had taken advantage of this. He gave a wry smile, “I must congratulate you, you have performed exceptionally meritorious service. I believe you have already reported to the Guardian imperial city, you will very quickly rise to fame.” 

Inwardly, Nie Tiankong felt empty, unwilling and resentful. All of his efforts and planning had come to nothing.  

In truth, if someone else were to snatch his credit, perhaps Nie Tiankong really would have jumped up to kill them, but looking at this face in front of him, he thought of how Zhang Longcheng desperately fought for him at the risk of his life in the Demonic Stone Forest. Nie Tiankong sighed inwardly. He really could not bring himself to be so heartless to kill someone who was once loyal and had risked his life for him. 

Who would have thought that, Zhang Longcheng shook his head with a smile, saying, “Lord is wrong, I haven’t reported to the Guardian imperial city, but have been waiting for Lord to wake up. This credit, I don't dare to be greedy for it.” 

“What, you mean...” Nie Tiankong was shocked once again. 

Without waiting for Ye Qingyu to answer, he suddenly moved forward a few steps, staring intently at Ye Qingyu, he asked in a trembling voice, “You really are not lying to me? You... you did not claim the credit for yourself?” 

Ye Qingyu firmly nodded, “Of course, those six great Quasi-emperors were defeated by Lord Nie Tiankong. It was also Lord Nie Tiankong who traced down Wang Jianru and brought me to find her.  Lord, you have put in so much effort to bring Wang Jianru to a desperate situation. Ninety-nine percent of this credit belongs to Lord. Although I am envious, I absolutely cannot be greedy for this credit.”

“You...” Nie Tiankong didn't know what to say.  

Ye Qingyu smiled, “Lord, you have now woken up, are you going to report to the Guardian imperial city now that you have killed Wang Jianru?” 

“This...” Nie Tiankong was still a little speechless. He could not quite believe that Zhang Longcheng would give him a heavenly credit that could change fate. Could there really be such a person in this world? 

After a moment's hesitation, he asked, “Where is Wang Jianru's body?”  

Although he wanted this heavenly credit, he had to at least make sure that everything that Zhang Longcheng had said was true. Otherwise, once falsely reported, the consequences were very serious. 

Ye Qingyu smiled. 

He turned to the bookshelf next to him, took out a jade box with both hands, placed it in front of Nie Tiankong, and opened the box. A smell of blood pervaded the air. 

Nie Tiankong looked down. 

It was the head of Wang Jianru that was housed in the jade box. 

“Only the head? Where are the other parts of her corpse?” Nie Tiankong asked, frowning.  

Ye Qingyu explained, “The battle that day was tragic. Lord should also remember. Wang Jianru was severely wounded after the battle against those three Quasi-emperors, and her body was almost destroyed. After that, subordinate, I, stopped her, and knowing that she could not escape, she tried to self-explode. Fortunately I was able to cut off her head, but failed to keep her body, which has completely exploded and dissipated between heaven and earth.”

Nie Tiankong subconsciously nodded upon hearing this. 

Such an explanation made sense. 

He also had some understanding of how Wang Jianru was, and knew that she was one of the leaders of the Unmoving City of Darkness. Moreover, she was a rare beautiful woman, so it was inevitable that she feared her body would fall into the hands of the enemy. Thus it was highly likely that she would choose to self-detonate. Relatively speaking, it was not easy for Zhang Longcheng to sever her head under such circumstances.

Nie Tiankong nodded to Ye Qingyu, then took out the [Must Kill Wanted List], and then carefully observed the head in the jade box. After that he took out some secret weapons and used a variety of secret techniques, repeatedly inspecting and verifying four or five times before he was one hundred percent certain that it was indeed the head of Wang Jianru, rather than a substitute. 

Moreover, Wang Jianru’s name on the [Must Kill Wanted List] had become blue-grey, which showed that she really was dead. This list was a creation of the Guardian imperial city and would absolutely make no mistake. 

Putting all of the evidence together, Nie Tiankong thoroughly believed in what Ye Qingyu had said. 

“Well, very well, City Lord Zhang Longcheng, I did not misread your ability.” Nie Tiankong couldn’t hide his joy. Putting away the jade box, he clapped Ye Qingyu on the shoulder. “Rest assured that I won’t treat you badly. This credit, I will split equally with you.” 

At this time, in truth, Nie Tiankong's gratitude towards the Lord of the Central City of Luoshen Ridge had reached a point where it could not increase any further.

Because for him, everything was as though he had finally found a path out after endless mountains and rivers or that there was finally a glimmer of light at his darkest hour. This heavenly credit had eventually fallen into his hands. 

As long as he takes Wang Jianru's head back to the Guardian imperial city, Nie Tiankong could finally achieve the goals he had dreamed of for so many years. He and the Nie family behind him, which were an upper family of the imperial city, could definitely enter the core social class of the imperial city. And at that time, whether it was individual strength or status, both would indeed skyrocket.  

“Lord, subordinate does not dare to split the credit with you.” Ye Qingyu, who had long had a plan in mind, declined persistently. “This credit belongs to Lord.”

But his resolute attitude made Nie Tiankong feel slightly strange. 

After a slight ponder, he then asked frankly, “City Lord, you have done so many things for me. Your loyalty has really moved me, but at the end of the day, we have only known each other for a few days, why did you help me at all cost?”  

Ye Qingyu had long known that he would ask this. “Between heaven and earth, every intelligent being acts with a motive. Subordinate, I, is also not a man without desire, nor a saint who does not seek benefits. Therefore, the reason I did all this, is, of course, to ask something from Lord.” 

“Oh? Let’s hear it? What can I do for you?” Nie Tiankong's wrinkled brows relaxed, before he laughed heartily. 

Hearing this from Ye Qingyu, he nodded slightly. This was normal. He was not a fool. Of course, he did not think that Zhang Longcheng would go all out for him at the risk of his life, or that his charms and tyranny would make Zhang Longcheng follow and serve him wholeheartedly.

“Subordinate knows that, once Lord gets this credit, you will definitely soar to the sky and rise to a position of great power when you return to the imperial city. So I want to ask one thing from Lord, please can Lord help me clear the way and arrange a job in the imperial city? I want to experience the bustling prosperity of the imperial city,” Ye Qingyu said in an earnest tone of voice.   

“Oh? So you are after this.” Nie Tiankong burst into laughter. “Haha, I thought it was something big. This matter is very simple, I can do that, I can promise you.” 

Ye Qingyu immediately lit up with joy when he heard this, “Thank you, Lord Nie Tiankong.” 

Nie Tiankong smiled and asked, “But, City Lord Zhang Longcheng, you’re now a ruler of the Luoshen Ridge. Everything here is decided by you, and you don’t need to listen to or be affected by others. The mountains are high and the Emperor is far away, it is so carefree here, why would you want to move to the imperial city? You should know that there are countless aristocrats in the imperial city. You will have to rely on others for the air you breathe there. It is not as carefree as it is in Luoshen Ridge.”

Ye Qingyu smiled, “Lord Nie Tiankong is right, but the Luoshen Ridge is a remote region, and the natural resources here are poor. There are only barren hills and wild rivers. Subordinate, I, is already incredibly lucky to be able to break through to the beginner stage of the Quasi-emperor realm here. It is absolutely impossible to advance further. All men have a goal they want to pursue. Subordinate, I, also want to try to hit the supreme peak of martial arts. I have heard people say that it is only in the imperial city that there is an opportunity to achieve the Dao. Subordinate, I, want to give it a try.”

These words were indeed powerful and resounding. 

Ye Qingyu's expression also vividly showed that. 

Nie Tiankong was filled with awe when he heard this. 

As a martial artist, he was able to understand this ambition. 

Suddenly, Nie Tiankong looked at the little City Lord differently. 

His mood, in an instant, became better. 

Because he suddenly felt that there really was good luck after extreme bad luck. Not only did he obtain this credit that he wished for, but also discovered a talent worthy of cultivating. In any case, after he returned to the imperial city, following an increase in status, he must cultivate his own trusted aides and organize his own forces. He cannot just rely on his family. This Zhang Longcheng was a dormant tiger, who also saved his life. This made him absolutely worthy of cultivating, and may even become one of his important arms in the future.  

“You may rest assured that this wish of yours, I will certainly be able to help you achieve it.” Nie Tiankong patted his chest reassuringly. 

“Thank you, lord.” Ye Qingyu also smiled. 

His purpose had been achieved—— 

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