1133 - The situation that overturns the world (1)

Chapter 1133 – The situation that overturns the world (1)



Ye Qingyu was a bit perplexed when he heard this. 

What? It seems that there were secrets in the Dark Realm that he did not know about? 

“What is going on?” Ye Qingyu asked curiously. 

Vaguely, he realized that there might be secrets unknown to the world. 

However, Wang Jianru said with a smile, “This matter is a long and complicated story. It involves the secret history of the era of the formation of the Dark Realm, as well as the first great ancient Emperor who founded the Dark Realm. This has been covered in dust in the torrent of time and space for too long. Once a lie had been told for too long it becomes the truth. Now no one will believe anything else, nor will it change anything. Now that you have come to the Dark Realm, you can discover the secret behind this yourself, and judge with your own eyes and your own heart. You will get the truest answer.”

Ye Qingyu was a little disappointed to hear this. 

He knew that Wang Jianru did not want to say too much information to influence his judgment, which was also for his own good.

“Right now, there's an opportunity.” Wang Jianru pointed to the unconscious Nie Tiankong, and then said, “Do you know why I won't let you kill him?” 

Ye Qingyu shook his head, “Can I ask senior to explain?”

Wang Jianru very casually gathered her somewhat disheveled long black hair, the movement was beautiful and elegant, “How many people know that you have turned into Zhang Longcheng?” 

Ye Qingyu replied, “Only Eleven knows.” 

When Ye Qingyu told Wang Jianru about his experience after coming to the Dark Realm he had also mentioned Eleven to her.  

Wang Jianru nodded and then asked, “Is this man trustworthy?”

Ye Qingyu slightly hesitated before he finally nodded, “In his body, I have set up a restriction seal. This person draws on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, and is extremely afraid of death. As long as the restriction is not broken, he absolutely dares not to betray me. Moreover the restriction I have set up is an ancient secret method, even if the great Emperor came, it cannot be cracked that easily.” Ye Qingyu was incredibly confident about this. 

“Well, only you will know. If he’s trustworthy, then keep him, if not...” Wang Jianru spoke in a very indifferent tone, but the meaning contained was extremely resolute. “

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

Wang Jianru then asked again, “Who else knows that you killed Zhang Longcheng?”

“This...” Ye Qingyu smiled bitterly, “About this, there is a lot more.” 

In addition to Eleven, there were a large number of Guardian soldiers, as well as the Dark Ones of Bitter Hill Village. After that, Ye Qingyu had also changed the laws of the city and killed many nobles. It was most likely that the majority of the nobles in Luoshen Ridge could guess what had happened. Adding to this, the esteemed masters of the City Lord's residence also saw with their own eyes. 

“That's troublesome.” Wang Jianru knitted her brows, clearly planning something.

Ye Qingyu asked, “Senior you mean...” 

Wang Jianru's beautiful face revealed a hint of pretended anger. “Wait a minute, do not call me senior this, senior that. No women like this name, call me Teacher Wang... I was going to suggest you to play this role a little longer. By appearing in the Dark Realm as Zhang Longcheng, you can find a way to get into the Guardian imperial city to investigate things and observe the truth of the world. But now this seems a little difficult.” 

“Senior... no, teacher wants me to sneak into the Guardian imperial city to find a chance to investigate who the traitor of Unmoving City of Darkness is?” Ye Qingyu's eyes lit up.

It would obviously be a huge help for Song Xiaojun if he could investigate the secret.  

And, in truth, Ye Qingyu really wanted to take a look at the Guardian imperial city, and take a good look at what role the Guardian camp played in the Dark Realm——At least from what he had seen in Luoshen Ridge, the Guardian camp was dishonourable. Ye Qingyu had reason to suspect that the so-called Guardian camp was the camp that the Four Stars Holy Girl and other people had mentioned. 

Previously, Ye Qingyu was still a little troubled, because the death of Zhang Longcheng would alarm the Guardian camp, making it difficult for him to continue to hide in the dark. But now, Wang Jianru's suggestion, like a key, opened up Ye Qingyu's thoughts and a new flashing door appeared before him. 

“Well... if I were to continue to pretend, these flaws, it’s not that impossible to solve them.” 

Ye Qingyu pondered carefully. 

He weighed up everything carefully and felt that there was still a chance to make up for the flaws.  

Back then, in order to control the Central City of Luoshen Ridge, and in order to stall for time, and to not let the Guardian imperial city know about the news of the death of Zheng Longcheng, Ye Qingyu had set up a number of Quasi-emperor prohibitions in the city. The Central City only allowed entry and not exit. He also told Eleven to issue a decree to block all news. Thus the news of the fall of the Central City of Luoshen Ridge should not have spread out yet.

As for those who know about the news...  

With the ‘forget’ ancient character of the one hundred eight ancient characters secret technique, Ye Qingyu can completely erase their memories directly. 

 Although the process was a bit troublesome, it was theoretically feasible.

Carefully thinking over his plan again, Ye Qingyu was a little more confident, and then proposed his idea to Wang Jianru.

“Oh? Erase the memory? This is a not bad suggestion...” Wang Jianru was more and more surprised with Ye Qingyu's power. 

Ye Qingyu grinned, and then said, “This matter should not be delayed. We should first return to the Central City of Luoshen Ridge. Otherwise, undue delay may bring trouble, and there may be changes later.”

Wang Jianru nodded, then thought of another matter. “We must first think of a way to block the [Must Kill Wanted List]. Otherwise, even if we fled to Luoshen Ridge, it would only attract more people and our plan cannot be carried out.” 

“That's true.” 

On the unconscious Nie Tiankong, there was one of the [Must Kill Wanted List]. Ye Qingyu took it off of him, and after studying it for a moment, began to get a general idea of things. Then, Wang Jianru continuous used a secret method in an attempt to block the [Must Kill Wanted List’s] detection. It was slightly effective, but not fully blocked. Ye Qingyu then tried to enter the [Conceal] ancient character of the one hundred eight ancient characters secret method into Wang Jianru’s body. 

In the end, the two found that when they activated the [Must Kill Wanted List] again, it had already lost its response.

Even if Wang Jianru was in front, the wanted list was not able to detect her location. 

“Success,” Ye Qingyu exclaimed. 

Wang Jianru also breathed a sigh of relief. 

Previously, she also knew the reason of why she was tracked down, and had made successive attempts to block the detection of the [Must Kill Wanted List]. But all these have failed. Now that the list was completely blocked, not only was she temporarily safe, but Ye Qingyu's plan could also be implemented.  

“Let's go back.”

The two people turned into a stream of light and sped back to the Central City of Luoshen Ridge right away.  

At this time, the distance from the Central City of Luoshen Ridge was only one day and one night. 

Fortunately, Eleven, in order to ensure that Ye Qingyu's desire was achieved, during this one day and one night, had done a lot of preparatory work. He had not fully opened the Central City and had not let the black-haired Dark Ones into the city yet. Everything was in the brewing stage. The news of the city's great changes also had not completely spread out yet, which meant that Ye Qingyu's following plan was possible.  

That night, Ye Qingyu first came to the Bitter Hill Village and Ten Kilometers Village. 

He floated in the void, gathered yuan qi, and performed the forgetting mantra of the one hundred eight ancient characters secret method. A huge ‘forget’ character gradually took shape in the void, like a huge silver moon. It was an impressive spectacle. On the ground a few of the Dark Ones who had not yet fallen asleep thought they saw the legendary Immortal demon.


Ye Qingyu thrust both hands forward. 

That tremendous silver moon-like ‘forget’ character suddenly dove down and transformed into hundreds of thousands of rays of silver moonlight, glowing like dancing spirits and sprinkling across the earth. It was exquisitely beautiful. Every dot of silver light represented a strange power of oblivion, which injected into the body of every black-haired Dark One. The sleeping Dark Ones were not aware of anything, but those awake, as the silver ray of light penetrated their body, eyes revealed a trace of confusion... 

“Almost done, by the time the Dark Ones in this area wake up, they will forget what has happened in the past one month.” 

Ye Qingyu turned away.  

This night, as a precaution, he almost traveled all over the village area of the black-haired Dark Ones around Central City and injected the power of oblivion into every citizen to make them forget everything that had happened in the past one month——The black-haired Dark Ones were unable to cultivate martial arts, thus their physique and mind were extremely weak, so this for Ye Qingyu was not considered difficult at all. 

Even if someone came over to investigate in the future, they also wouldn’t find any clues. 

Then, Ye Qingyu returned to the Central City of Luoshen Ridge. 

He repeated the same move, releasing the power of oblivion into the beings of the whole Central City. 

And, in order to prevent mishaps, he found all experts of the Great Saint realm and above in the city one by one and specially injected the power of oblivion into them. 

So far, all of the flaws had been corrected. 

By the time it was dawn, what happened over a period of time had been completely erased from the minds of all the beings within the Luoshen Ridge. They had forgotten the death of City Lord Zheng Longcheng, forgotten the great changes in the city, and had forgotten everything that Eleven had done in the city. It was as if time had been reversed overnight and back to the date before the arrival of Ye Qingyu. It was both bizarre and unbelievable. Eleven was the only person who retained the memory. 

For the next ten days, Ye Qingyu had been secretly observing everything, looking for anyone who may be suspicious, and carried out the erasing memory seal again.

After ten days, Ye Qingyu was certain that, let alone any intelligent being in Luoshen Ridge, even a dog, cat, mouse or a cockroach would not remember what had happened before.

Everything was back to the beginning. 

Then, Ye Qingyu, in the mind of Eleven, also planted a memory restriction, told him to transform into the Young City Lord, continue to carry out his will, and govern the Luoshen Ridge.

Because at this time, the unconscious Nie Tiankong had finally woken up——

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