1132 - The true Sinful citizens

Chapter 1132 â€“ The true Sinners


Even if Wang Jianru was startled, she immediately realized that things were not the same as she had previously imagined. 

And in the next moment, she immediately recognized that the idiot was unexpectedly Ye Qingyu. 

Because that gaze, for her, was really too familiar. In that moment, Ye Qingyu also slightly released a little bit of his aura, which Wang Jianru had grasped.

It shocked her, but also made sense at the same time.  

Shocked because she did not expect Ye Qingyu to transform into such a role. What made sense was that she knew that Ye Qingyu had long wanted to come to the Dark Realm, and that it was not considered particularly difficult for the beings of the Vast Thousand Domains to come to the Dark Realm. Moreover, Ye Qingyu's strength had reached the level qualified to enter. Once Ye Qingyu had come to the Dark Realm, as long as he hears about Wang Jianru, he would come right away. 

In truth, she had been shocked again and again by Ye Qingyu's growth. Ten years ago, when she took Song Xiaojun away, she absolutely did not think that Ye Qingyu would one day grow to this cultivation level. At this time, she was still shaken. 

Song Xiaojun could...

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