1132 - The true Sinful citizens

Chapter 1132 – The true Sinners


Even if Wang Jianru was startled, she immediately realized that things were not the same as she had previously imagined. 

And in the next moment, she immediately recognized that the idiot was unexpectedly Ye Qingyu. 

Because that gaze, for her, was really too familiar. In that moment, Ye Qingyu also slightly released a little bit of his aura, which Wang Jianru had grasped.

It shocked her, but also made sense at the same time.  

Shocked because she did not expect Ye Qingyu to transform into such a role. What made sense was that she knew that Ye Qingyu had long wanted to come to the Dark Realm, and that it was not considered particularly difficult for the beings of the Vast Thousand Domains to come to the Dark Realm. Moreover, Ye Qingyu's strength had reached the level qualified to enter. Once Ye Qingyu had come to the Dark Realm, as long as he hears about Wang Jianru, he would come right away. 

In truth, she had been shocked again and again by Ye Qingyu's growth. Ten years ago, when she took Song Xiaojun away, she absolutely did not think that Ye Qingyu would one day grow to this cultivation level. At this time, she was still shaken. 

Song Xiaojun could become the King of the Unmoving City of Darkness because of her bloodline, then what about Ye Qingyu? He was an orphan whose parents had died. What did he rely on to have come so far?

Wang Jianru was certain that if one only relied on talent alone, that person would never reach such a cultivation level. 

However, these thoughts instantly flashed away from Wang Jianru's mind. 

Then, she began to think about more things. 

Ye Qingyu, upon seeing Wang Jianru's expression, also understood that the female Sword Immortal had recognized him. Therefore, he was a lot more relaxed. As long as the two were well-coordinated, then the next thing would be a lot easier to deal with. 

He also began to plan the next move. 

And this moment, the great battle between Nie Tiankong and the three new Quasi-emperors also entered a point of tragedy.  

Nie Tiankong was riddled with wounds, half his body was almost broken, and was almost burning his life yuan in order to trigger the [Air Destroying Blood Axe]. He looked like a wounded beast. On the other hand, The three new Quasi-emperors were evidently not as strong as Nie Tiankong, or the three Quasi-emperors before. They were not experts with a formal inheritance, and thus lacked hidden cards and were unable to withstand the [Air Destroying Blood Axe]. The several pseudo-emperor weapons they summoned out were all shattered by the [Air Destroying Blood Axe].

Ye Qingyu watched for a while. 

These three new Quasi-emperors' backgrounds should be similar to Xu Shaohua. Even if they had joined hands to fight against Nie Tiankong, they still were not much advantageous. 

“The one with the last name Nie can still withstand for a period of time. Let’s first let them fight it out. No, I'll make a move again. Hehe, when the fish and the clam fight, the fisherman benefits...” Ye Qingyu plotted in his mind. 

Of course, he was warily observing the movements around. Fortunately he couldn’t sense other Quasi-emperor auras coming over, indicating that there was probably only these people in this area. 

An hour passed. 

“Ah...” One of the three Quasi-emperors let out tragic long howl, unable to withstand the power of the [Air Destroying Blood Axe] in the end. His physical body was destroyed and only his consciousness body was left behind. He dared not to stay any longer, and fled in a flash.

After a Quasi-emperor loses their physical body, the consciousness will weaken, and for other Quasi-emperors, this consciousness body was undoubtedly a great supplement material. If one were able to capture and refine it, then after a few hundred years of training, one can also obtain secret techniques from it. Thus, this Quasi-emperor did not trust even his companions and had chosen to escape alone. 

The remaining two Quasi-emperors were, at this time, also struggling to withstand. 

But fortunately, Nie Tiankong was worse. Wielding the [Air Destroying Blood Axe] in his hand, he staggered, as though he would collapse any moment. 

This gave the two Quasi-emperors a reason to carry on. 

On the other side, Ye Qingyu’s pondering was almost over. If he were to allow this to continue, it may instead attract more Quasi-emperors. 

So, he, who was seriously injured, suddenly rushed over again and joined the battle circle.

“Lord Nie Tiankong, I'll help you...”  

Ye Qingyu was still acting loyal, dashing out with no thought of personal safety. It was deeply moving.

“Damn it...” The two Quasi-emperors immediately realized that the situation did not look too good. 

No, wasn't the trash punched into a pile of rotten flesh before? How come he's still alive now? He is too tenacious. 

Nie Tiankong almost burst into tears. 

This helper was really risking his life for him. 

He forcibly activated yuan qi, burning his life yuan, and once again triggered the [Air Destroying Blood Axe]. With Ye Qingyu’s assistance, the blood axe unleashed its power once again, turning into a terrifying stream of blood-red light. After a dozen flashes, the bodies of the two Quasi-emperors were split into two, and the consciousness of one of them was also almost destroyed. Incomparably unwilling, they in the end had no choice but to flee. 

“Lord, are you all right?” Ye Qingyu asked with a concerned look. 

Nie Tiankong swayed and stumbled, choked, and was almost breathless. He opened his mouth to say something when suddenly everything darkened in front as he passed into unconsciousness...

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback. 

He hasn't done anything and this guy had passed out already? 

He is not pretending right? 

He wants to pretend to be dead to draw me closer, and then sneak up and kill me? 

After all, anybody would do anything for this credit.  

“Lord Nie Tiankong? Lord Nie Tiankong...” 

Ye Qingyu cautiously moved closer. He lifted his feet and kicked him a few times, and found that Nie Tiankong was not pretending to be dead, but really had fainted from exhaustion. In the battle, he had burned his life yuan to forcibly activate the [Air Destroying Blood Axe], and coupled with serious injury, he had finally reached the limit. Even if he possessed a powerful Quasi-emperor realm cultivation base, he also could not withstand anymore. 

“Is this the will of the heavens?” Ye Qingyu was initially surprised, and then shook his head. He planned to kill the Quasi-emperor to avoid trouble later on.

Just then, Wang Jianru spoke all of a sudden, “Wait a minute, don't kill him.” 

Ye Qingyu cast a puzzled glance at Wang Jianru.  

Wang Jianru smiled, the blood stained clothes and black hair did not affect the matchless beauty of the peerless female Sword Immortal in the slightest. She radiated a bright and unique graceful bearing as she came over. Her delicate fair fingers moved swiftly, forming a dark jade-like sword seal that pressed down over the head of Nie Tiankong. It was only then that she breathed a sigh of relief, “This is not a place to talk, take him with you. We will leave here first and I'll tell you on the way.” 

 Ye Qingyu nodded, “Okay.” 

He naturally fully trusted this female Sword Immortal. 

There was nothing to be cleaned up in the battlefield. Ye Qingyu turned into a stream of light with Nie Tiankong and left the area. Along the way, he naturally cautiously hid his traces to avoid being tracked by others. 

As expected, not long after they left, a number of figures broke the air and came to the previous battlefield.

“Bad, already gone.”  

“It looks like another big battle, I feel a real martial arts Emperor aura. Someone must have used an Emperor weapon.” 

 “It seems that Wang Jianru's life has already been taken by someone.” 

The majority of these figures were also of the Quasi-emperor realm. After a brief observation of the battlefield, everyone present formed their own judgment. Evidently they were all somewhat disappointed, yet still did not want to give up. Some people had even tried to use an Emperor Detection Technique to deduce what had happened. However, they all failed because the one being deduced was also a Quasi-emperor. Moreover, there was already some kind of remarkable skill that already concealed their aura. 


Tens of thousands of kilometers away. 

On a secluded mountain ridge. 

After resting, there was finally a relieved look on Wang Jianru's beautiful face. Her bright and plump red lips slightly moved, throwing out a mouthful of turbid qi. She then looked at Ye Qingyu, saying, “Why do you look like this? Covering up your real face?” 

Ye Qingyu smiled and recounted what had happened these days. 

“I see.” Wang Jian nodded, a smiling expression coming onto her beautiful, flawless face. “Boy, your ability to stir up trouble really is unrivalled. You have just come to the Dark Realm, and already killed a noble of the Guardian imperial city and created a huge mess. It most likely would not be long before you end up like me, listed on the [Must Kill Wanted List].” 

Ye Qingyu grinned. 

In front of Wang Jianru, he felt very relaxed. The two were student and teacher back in White Deer Academy, and Ye Qingyu deep down had always seen Wang Jianru as his teacher. 

“Right, shouldn't senior have returned to the Unmoving City of Darkness already? Why are you being chased? Is there something wrong?” Ye Qingyu asked.  

Speaking of this matter, Wang Jian's flawless face flashed a hint of killing intent, which then died away. “There was an accident. A traitor in the Unmoving City of Darkness exposed information on my return route. Our secret passage was destroyed, and I was intercepted. For a short time I most likely will be unable to return to the Unmoving City of Darkness.”

“Ah?” Ye Qingyu was shocked to hear this. 

Wang Jianru's status in the Unmoving City of Darkness was extremely high. Her plan to visit the Vast Thousand Domains was also carefully thought out. Everything was going extremely smoothly, but now it had undergone such a great change. The situation was clearly very bad. Moreover, the traitor she mentioned must have quite a high status in the Unmoving City of Darkness. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to know of Wang Jianru's whereabouts.

In this way, wouldn't Song Xioajun also be in danger?  

Wang Jianru saw right through Ye Qingyu’s mind, smiled and said, “Song Xiaojun's safety, for the time being, you do not have to worry too much. She has grown up. Her strength has reached a level that you cannot imagine. Moreover, in the Unmoving City of Darkness there are many people she can trust. She is the King of Darkness, and she lives up to this name.” 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

This was indeed the case, there was no need for him to worry. 

“Right, as far as I know, although the Sinners are guilty of sins, they are still members of the Dark Realm and also shoulder the heavy responsibility of confronting any Invaders. They are the true pillars of the Dark Realm, and logically speaking, should be the same as the Guardians. Even if the Guardians of the imperial city are all pig brains, they should understand this. But why is it that the nobles of the Guardian imperial city treat the Sinners like this? They actively plot against the Unmoving City of Darkness and are determined to kill you? It gives me the feeling that the Guardians want to completely wipe out the Sinners?” 

Ye Qingyu asked about the puzzlement that had been troubling him. 

Wang Jian gave a cold smile, “The truth is very simple, these so-called Guardians are the real sinful people. Their sin, their despicableness, their shamelessness, are much deeper than us.”


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