1131 - An idiot?

Chapter 1131 – An idiot?


The heavens had pity. Nie Tiankong really wanted all the credit of killing Wang Jianru to fall into his hands, but he did not want to make such a domineering and arrogant appearance. He wanted to hide in the back and wait for the right opportunity.

But now, Ye Qingyu, who came with him, rushed out like a wild lion, and challenged the other Quasi-emperors in the name of Nie Tiankong. 

As expected, in an instant, the three Quasi-emperors all looked at Nie Tiankong.  

“Oh, so arrogant, tell me to get lost, then let's see what you have.” The Quasi-emperor who appeared later was enraged, retaliated right away. 


In the void, Dao sounds echoed like a tidal wave. 

“Ahh...” Ye Qingyu screamed out tragically. He was sent flying away like a broken kite, while yelling, “Lord Nie Tiankong, avenge me, I can't anymore... kill these three idiots.” 

Then his figure slammed heavily into the ground, struggled a few times, and fell motionless. 

“Unable to withstand a single blow.” The Quasi-emperor laughed.  

Then, like a flash of light, he went straight towards Nie Tiankong. 

The other two Quasi-emperors were evidently equally enraged by Ye Qingyu's previous arrogant behaviour. They exchanged a glance and acted at the same time. Both had decided to get rid of Nie Tiankong first since Wang Jianru was already seriously wounded and unable to run away. 

Nie Tiankong felt like he had swallowed a dead mouse. 

He had done nothing yet had provoked three great enemies. That Zhang Longcheng, was he an idiot, can he not read the situation? Nie Tiankong wanted to spit out blood. 

“Everybody, wait a minute...” Nie Tiankong while defending tried to explain something. He did not want to muddle-headedly become a target of everyone. 

But at this point, who would listen to his explanation? 

The three Quasi-emperors were merciless. Each move launched out was a divine technique or killing move. They wanted to, in the shortest time possible, kill Nie Tiankong, to get rid of a contender. After all, they also sensed that there were more contenders coming in this direction... 

“Ah, you really think I am a pushover?” Nie Tiankong continuously tried to explain, but the opponents simply did not stop, and all of a sudden he also retaliated with full force. 


Terrifying Dao sounds echoed across the void. 

Fortunately, the Dark Realm was strengthened with the laws of the ancient great Emperor, and the structure of the world was stronger and thicker than that of the Vast Thousand Domains. Therefore the battle among the four Quasi-emperors did not really cause the sky or ground to collapse. 

“Ahh...” Wounded, Nie Tiankong roared in fury. 

After all, he was against three, outnumbered, and soon fell into a disadvantageous position. Even if he had summoned out the five-sided bronze mirror, he seemed like he would soon be in a crisis. 

If this continued, Nie Tiankong would be dead soon. 

He wanted to turn around to flee, but really couldn’t give up the temptation to kill Wang Jianru. Once he accomplished this, he really could soar to the sky. The opportunity was so close, if he were to run away now, he may never have this chance again in his life. 

“Ah ah ah...” Nie Tiankong let out a bellow of race. 

He simply hated Zhang Longcheng, the idiot who had completely plunged him into this situation.

Then, a change happened all of a sudden. 

Suddenly a figure flashed past, instantly invaded the battle circle, and tackled one of the three great Quasi-emperors that encircled Nie Tiankong. 

Nie Tiankong was taken aback for a moment, and when he looked closely, he found that it was Zhang Longcheng. 

The Lord of the Central City of Luoshen Ridge, like a madman, was dripping with blood, but still firmly clutched onto the Quasi-emperor and dragged him out of the circle, letting the fists and hammer of the Quasi-emperor pound his body and still did not let go.  

“Ahh ahhh, Lord Nie Tiankong, I'll assist you, you can rest assured that I will intercept one of them even if I have to give away my life. The remaining two, I will leave to you. Don't be polite with them, take out your hidden cards. Quick, you don't need to care about me. It doesn't matter if I die, you must accomplish killing Wang Jianru...” Ye Qingyu roared like a madman.  

He held the Quasi-emperor like wrestling, spraying out mouthfuls of blood, but still did not let go once. 

Nie Tiankong's expression grew complex...

This Zhang Longcheng had really risked his life. Although this guy was a little stupid, he was really loyal. Nie Tiankong was a little moved. 

Then, he really summoned out his hidden card.

He had served in the Guardian imperial city before, which could be considered as having an inheritance and a backer. Thus he naturally had some means and foundation, which were deeper than the wild Guardian Quasi-emperors outside.

He summoned out a battle-axe that was stained with blood.  

“[Air Destroying Blood Axe]... kill!”

Nie Tiankong bellowed, the blood axe emitting the true terrifying qi of an Emperor, before it turned into a stream of light, swept across, and directly severed one of the Quasi-emperors who had surrounded him into two sections.

This [Air Destroying Blood Axe] evidently contained terrifying power, and even a Quasi-emperor was unable to recover from that blow. Following a scream of horror, his consciousness had turned into a wisp of flowing light, fleeing directly... 

“Kill again!”  

Nie Tiankong bellowed again. He did not hesitate to exhaust his yuan qi to activate the [Air Destroying Blood Axe] once more. 


The remaining Quasi-emperor’s Guardian deity bracelet was shattered as an arm was chopped off.  

“Ah... the one with the last name Nie, you started the feud.” The Quasi-emperor was full of reluctance, yet had no choice but to retreat. If he were to stay any longer, he most likely would endure sufferings in this stone forest. Before leaving, he roared, “There will be a day when we meet again, the feud will be settled at that time.” 

He transformed into a stream of light, disappearing into the distance. 

Nie Tiankong drew a deep breath, looking in the direction of Ye Qingyu. 

Only to see that Ye Qingyu was already dripping with blood, incomparably miserable looking, and the blood that he spewed out seemed to be mixed with fragments of organs. However he was still clutching onto the Quasi-emperor, unwilling to let go. And that Quasi-emperor was also left with many wounds...

This tragic look could really make one tear up. 

“Hold on a little longer.” At this moment, Nie Tiankong felt that he was beast if he did not save Ye Qingyu today. There were few people who would risk their life for him.

He activated the [Air Destroying Blood Axe] to kill again. 

That Quasi-emperor roared, tried to struggle, but Ye Qingyu's arms were hooped around him. He looked on helplessly as the blood axe landed on his head, and eventually left him with only his consciousness. He also turned into a stream of light and fled.

Although the consciousness of a Quasi-emperor had a certain degree of combat power, it was after all without a physical body. Thus, against a same level opponent, it would be like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Therefore he had no choice but to flee.  

“How are you?” Nie Tiankong looked at Ye Qingyu. 

“Lord, I did not let you down, I...” Ye Qingyu stammered as though he would lose consciousness anytime, “I...”

“Okay, don't speak, today you have contributed greatly, I will not forget your credit, you will benefit from this,” Nie Tiankong said, panting.

Having continuously operated the [Air Destroying Blood Axe], an Emperor-level weapon, was a great load for him. At this time his body's yuan qi was less than the usual half.

Nie Tiankong turned around. 

Carrying the blood axe in his hands, he advanced towards the already seriously injured Wang Jianru, a sinister smile coming onto his face. The Guardian imperial city wanted Wang Jianru dead, which meant he just had to behead her and there was no need to capture her alive. This meant he did not need to do a lot of things.

However, there was a glow in the distance. 

In a flash, new Quasi-emperors had come. 

“Damn... really fast...” Ye Qingyu, who had been acting all this time, was about to make a move to get rid of Nie Tiankong, but upon seeing this he knew that he could not save Wang Jianru yet and must continue to fake the serious injuries. 

In truth, he was gnashing his teeth in anger. 

There were too many Quasi-emperors in the Dark Realm, just like cabbages on the side of the road. This was not normal at all. In the Vast Thousand Domains, a Quasi-emperor was almost an invincible existence. But here, how could this many invisible existences appear so casually? 

Ye Qingyu also did not know that Wang Jianru had been chased by the Dark Realm for more than half a year and had not been able to return to the Unmoving City of Darkness. In these six months, this female Sword Immortal was like light on a dark night, attracting countless people. The reward offered by the Guardian imperial city's was too excessive to the extent that many of the Guardian nobles were enticed. The Quasi-emperors, who served as esteemed masters in various central cities like Xu Shaohua, were also rushing over like moths flying into a flame. Otherwise, given the strength of Wang Jianru, she would not have come to such a tragic state. 

Nie Tiankong's face was so gloomy that water was about to drip out. 

He was just about to succeed, but there were contenders meddling again. 

“What to do?” Nie Tiankong analyzed his current situation, and knew that if he were to forcibly fight back the gains did not make up for the losses. He clenched his teeth, and attempted to communicate with the Quasi-emperors to simply split the credit, otherwise all efforts would come to nothing. 

Who would have thought that, at this time, the seriously wounded and dying City Lord Zhang Longcheng in his eyes, like he was revived, suddenly jumped up and with tyrannical strength charged towards the Quasi-emperors...

An extremely bad feeling, in an instant shrouded the entire body of Nie Tiankong. 

“Don't...” He had just opened his mouth.  

But at this moment, Ye Qingyu's furious voice sounded, “You have a death wish, hurry get lost. You dare to snatch the credit from Lord Nie Tiankong? Get lost, who dares to meddle is going against my Lord, and will create a feud that won’t end till death...”  

He attacked verbally in a very strong manner. 

The new Quasi-emperors’ eyes reddened upon hearing this. 

Originally they wanted to test the opponents first and suggest to divide the credit equally. After all, they had been chasing Wang Jianru for so many days already and many of them had died along the way. It was a great opportunity, thus it would be better to restrain their greed and work together. Who would have thought that...

This guy called Nie Tiankong was too domineering.  


“Let’s get rid of Nie Tiankong together.” 

The several Quasi-emperors reached a consensus at once. 

And Ye Qingyu, who was in front, naturally instantly become the target of the attack. Countless Dao forces bombarded his body, directly drowning him, blood splattered across the void and Ye Qingyu's mangled body was blasted away... 

Nie Tiankong felt like weeping but had no tears. 

Zhang Longcheng you idiot. You are loyal, but can you grow a little brain. At this time, but still had to meet force with force... 

He could only choose to keep fighting. 

Swallowing a divine pill that had been carefully preserved for five hundred years, he restored his yuan qi. Nie Tiankong clenched his teeth and continue to trigger the [Air Destroying Blood Axe]. Now that things had reached this state there was no use to say anymore. Might as well see whose fist was larger and harder. 

A battle broke out instantly and immediately intensified. 

And on one side, Wang Jianru, who had been secretly taking advantage of the chance to recuperate, finally breathed a sigh of relief and looked much more relaxed than before. 

What just happened, she had actually sensed it too.   

In fact, she really could not understand the reckless guy. Every time he charged out risking his life, like a fool. How could there be such an idiot on this world? Who would not want to kill her? Only this idiot would sacrifice his life for others...

The moment Wang Jianru opened her eyes, she couldn't help but look in the direction of where the idiot died. 

Then she was stunned. 

Because, the female Sword Immortal was astonished to find that the idiot was not dead, and was quietly signaling her with his brows. That look, she seemed to have seen it somewhere before—— 


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