1130 - Quite marvellous

Chapter 1130 – Quite marvellous


Nie Tiankong looked disdainfully at Ye Qingyu. “You? City Lord Zhang Longcheng, your cultivation level is too low, what's the difference between just throwing away your life.” 

He was not optimistic about Ye Qingyu. He was not strong enough and would only be a liability instead. 

Ye Qingyu calmly gave a smile, “I won't hide from special envoy, I have been practicing painstakingly these years and has finally made a breakthrough...” While speaking, Ye Qingyu released the unmistakable aura of the Quasi-emperor realm. 

Nie Tiankong was startled. 

He finally began to size up Ye Qingyu with a positive gaze.  

Nie Tiankong had heard about the City Lord of Central City of Luoshen Ridge Zhang Longcheng. This person was only infinitely close to the Quasi-Emperor realm, and was not considered an important person, but he did not think that he was able to quietly walk the step that countless martial arts experts could not walk and made a sudden breakthrough. His status in the future would definitely rise, and also be counted as entering the main stream of the Guardian camp in the Dark Realm. 

However, he did not notice that Zhang Loncheng had entered the Quasi-Emperor realm before?  

Oh, that’s right. There were rumours not that long ago that Zhang Longcheng was directly bestowed with the title of noble by the Guardian camp's imperial city. He had received the medal of nobility so it must have been the strength of the medal that concealed his cultivation base. Zhang Longcheng really can endure loneliness, after achieving Quasi-emperor he did not immediately announce and brag to anyone. He really was one of a kind.

After a ponder, Nie Tiankong's tone of voice was much more polite than before.  

“Hahaha, I really overlooked, City Lord Zhang Longcheng is a true hidden dragon. Please forgive me for being disrespectful. Once entered into the Quasi-emperor realm, the sea and sky are vast and wide. From now on, the Luoshen Ridge would most likely prosper. Hahahaha...” Nie Tiankong adjusted his attitude, complemented with a smile, and then changed the subject, “Although you just entered the Quasi-Emperor realm, your strength is limited, but you will also be of assistance. Well, you can come with me, but remember that, along the way, you have to listen to my arrangements. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, don't blame me for not helping you.”

Ye Qingyu nodded repeatedly. “I will definitely follow Specials Envoy's lead.” 

“That's good,” Nie Tiankong responded with a satisfied nod. 

In the end, that was how things were agreed. 

Ye Qingyu also said a few words to Eleven before he left Central City of Luoshen Ridge with Nie Tiankong and told him to continue to preside over everything in Central City.



The territory of the entire Earth Province stretched over tens of millions of kilometers. 

Luoshen Ridge was only a little place within the territory of the Earth Province. 

Ye Qingyu followed Nie Tiankong out of Luoshen Ridge, heading in the northwest direction, stopping multiple times along the way. 

Because from time to time there could be attacks from various dark beasts, especially in the depths of the wilderness. The Emperor of the dark beast was incredibly powerful, infinitely close to the strength of an expert of the Quasi-Emperor realm. If they come across the territory of the Emperor beast they must keep a good distance, otherwise they will also be submerged by the tide of dark beasts. 

So the two did not travel particularly fast.  

Along the way, Nie Tiankong took out a strange list on a red and black cloth, like the ancient Emperor's decree. He constantly assessed the direction, and when Ye Qingyu tried to ask about it he learned that this list was the [Must Kill Wanted List], which was issued by the Guardian imperial city. It had information on Wang Jianru, and was able to constantly search for her through a special way of sensing. What was terrifying about this [Must Kill Wanted List] was that once on this list, there was almost no way of escape and anyone on it would undoubtedly die. 

Ye Qingyu felt a chill running down his spine when he learnt of the origin. 

Given Wang Jianru's cultivation level, she also could only temporarily block the detection of the list not completely hide from it. It was evident how terrifying the [Must Kill Wanted List] was. 

This Guardian imperial city was indeed a terrifying place, and if he were to face it in the future, he must not let his guard down. 

Another half a day passed.  

They were still in the territory of the Earth Province. 

“Almost there, be careful... this lowly person, although seriously injured, is still very strong. All the Sinners from the Unmoving City of Darkness are evil. City Lord Zhang Longcheng, you must not be careless.” 

At nightfall, Nie Tiankong's expression grew serious. 

The two men landed from the low altitude. 

Ahead was an endless forest. 

A grey forest. 

All of the trees and the branches were covered with a thick layer of stones, as though carved from rock. Here was once a flourishing place, a lush vast primeval forest, full of vitality, but now, all the trees had turned into stones and lost their life force. The tallest tree was only thirty or forty meters tall, branches dried up, like a ghost claw, At first glance, the whole forest did not exude the slightest life. It was grey and dead, like a stone forest of evil spirit, eerie and sinister. 

Nie Tiankong carefully looked at the [Must Kill Wanted List] when a smile curved his lips. 

“In the midst of this demonic stone forest of evil spirits, this lowly person is planning to use the terrain. It seems that she really is in a desperate state.” Nie Tiankong glanced at Ye Qingyu. “City Lord Zhang Longcheng help me kill this lowly person, and we will share the credit equally.”

Ye Qingyu deliberately pretended to be afraid by respectfully saying, “Special envoy Nie Tiankong, I am just here to support you. How would I dare to take any credit? I only hope that when Special Envoy Nie Tiankong returns to the Guardian imperial city to report back, you would happen to mention I, Zhang Longcheng, and I would already be incredibly grateful.”

“Haha, City Lord Zhang Longcheng  is too polite.” 

Nie Tiankong gave a hearty laugh. 

He just said that to test Ye Qingyu. If Ye Qingyu really dared to claim credit, then, after he killed Wang Jianru, he would find a chance to get rid of Ye Qingyu and push all the charges onto Wang Jianru. But now it seemed that this Zhang Longcheng was extremely tactful. If he were to keep him alive then he may be useful in the future.

As the two people were speaking, they slowly entered into the demonic stone forest. 

In order to avoid alarming Wang Jianru, both had shrunk to inches, very cautiously concealing their aura. 

Holding the [Must Kill Wanted List], Nie Tiankong grinned sinisterly. 

“In less than one hundred kilometers, we will soon arrive...” He laughed, as though he already saw the great reward in front of him. 

Because Nie Tiankong was very clear that if he killed Wang Jianru it would be equal to severing one of an arm of the King of the Unmoving City of Darkness. This for the Guardian imperial city, which had always wanted to weaken the power of the Unmoving City of Darkness, was undoubtedly a great victory. It can be imagined how much he will be rewarded at that time. He may even be allowed to practice for a few days in the legendary [Immortal World] inside the imperial city.

And along the way, Zhang Longcheng's respectful attitude made Nie Tiankong very satisfied. 

All of a sudden—— 


There was a sudden roar of Dao sounds in front of them, which was then followed by a huge wave of battle force. 

There were Quasi-emperor experts fighting ahead.   

“What's going on?” Nie Tiankong's face darkened. “Bad, some people are ahead of us and want to steal the credit.” 

Obviously, it was not only Nie Tiankong that had the [Must Kill Wanted List] to trace down Wang Jianru, and they were one step ahead.

“Lord, we must get there as soon as possible, or the credit will be taken away by others,” Ye Qingyu urged anxiously. 

Nie Tiankong no longer concealed his aura, directly transformed into a stream of light and charge ahead, bellowing, “Go.”

Ye Qingyu followed behind. 

In a flash, it was already hundreds of kilometers away. 

On the dim night, only three figures were seen, and one of them, dressed in a white robe, wielding a long sword, hair loosely scattered and was wounded, still remained calm and did not seem to be at a disadvantage even against two other enemies. Who else could it be besides the female Sword Immortal Wang Jianru.

Ye Qingyu inwardly breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Wang Jianru was in no life-threatening danger. 

But, at this time, in the distance of another direction, there was another stream of light which pierced the air, aura surging like a sea. It was extremely terrifying in strength.

“Hahaha, One will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to, the credit is mine.” The man laughed, breaking into the battle ring in a strong manner. 

It was another Quasi-emperor. 

“Damn it...” Nie Tiankong sounded very gloomy. 

Even with the mind of a Quasi-emperor, at this moment, he still wanted to curse out loud. What happened? How did the news leak and spread so quickly? It has only been one day but there are so many Quasi-emperors here already. The situation is worse than I thought. It seems that the difficulty of wanting to swallow this credit alone has increased by a lot. 

“Damn it...” Ye Qingyu also cursed. 

He originally planned to immediately kill all the pursuers and silently bring Wang Jianru away. But now it seemed that he had to change the plan, because there were four dark Quasi-emperors that had shown up. What was worse was that he could clearly feel that, in the distant void, there were several strong, tyrannical auras rushing over frantically. The speed was incredibly fast, and most likely were experts of the Quasi-emperor realm. In the Dark Realm, the number of Quasi-emperors was much more than he had initially imagined. Thus it was impossible to get rid of them all at once. 

It seemed like it was time to run.


Dao sounds rumbled, terrifying power spreading. 

The stone trees within a radius of hundreds of kilometers had instantly turned to fine powder. The Quasi-emperor experts no longer restrained their power as they sent terrifying Dao sounds radiating in all directions. The ground cracked, and a storm of chaos power began to form in the sky. 

“Pfff...” Wang Jianru, who fought against three enemies alone, gradually was unable to withstand anymore. She suffered a punch in the back, spurted out a jet of blood and was blasted hundreds of meters away, her body almost exploding.

Ye Qingyu roared upon seeing this, “Special envoy Nie Tiankong, we cannot let her die. Quick, make a move. We must first get rid of the other people, otherwise you will not have a share of this credit...”  

Without waiting for Nie Tiankong to answer, Ye Qingyu had already turned into a stream of light, charging onto the battlefield like a lion. With the lift of his hand, three beams of deadly sword light formed in his hand, aiming at the three great Quasi-emperors at the same time. “All get lost, this credit belongs to Special Envoy Nie Tiankong... Die!”

And on the other side, upon hearing this, the expression on Nie Tiankong’s face was quite marvelous—— 

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